‘Big Little Lies’ Creators Say They Hid Clues in Season 2 Music

With only one episode left in Big Little Lies, fans can look to the music of season two to see how things will play out for The Monterey Five. It seems there won’t be a third season to the beloved series full of amazing and powerful female leads. Fans are understandably upset, with just one episode left to tie it all together in a satisfying way. We can look to the music for clues on how it will all end.

The creators hid clues in the music of the show

In a recent interview with Elle magazine, Jean-Marc Vallée, executive producer, talked about the soundtrack to Big Little Lies. Apparently, the fourth episode concluded with a very musical hint of what will come in the show.

“At the end of four, we were looking for a track tofinish…but done in a way where we could also have the feeling that somethingmysterious is going on,” said Vallée.

Mary Louise still has a part to play

The music has an underlying message for fans to hear as well as feel. Vallée explained this to Elle magazine with the example of Mary Louise. She isn’t quite done with her role as the villain.

“Every time we cut to [Mary Louise’s] place, she’slistening to Roy Orbison’s music. She’s into Roy,” Vallée continuedtelling Elle. “We had Elvis in Season One, and now we’re having RoyOrbison. He’s more on the dark side.”

The music is supposed to hit deep in ‘Big Little Lies’

Valléecurated the music with the supervision company, Earworm. If you’ve seen thelatest episode in the installment of Big Little Lies, then you know themusic is chosen so perfectly for each scene.

In episode sixth titled “The Bad Mother,” we see Jane driving angrily to confront Corey. She is listening to “Rippin Kittin’ by Golden Boy with Miss Kittin. You can feel the anger and frustration coming off of her in this scene. It turns out Corey isn’t actually a cop, but was brought in for questioning. Jane isn’t taking any chances though, and promptly cuts him loose.

The soundtrack is soothing

The soundtrack to the show that has taken over the world isextremely soothing and for the most part low key. There is a song by Joan Jettthat is sure to get you up and moving. But for the most part, the soundtrack isfull of soulful magic for your ears. Someartists included are Neil Young, Sufjan Stevens, Donna Summer, Jimmy Ruffic,Al Green, and many more.

Fans were really hoping for a third season

The show won’t be back for a third season because of everyone’s busy schedules. We are talking about some of the busiest people in the industry. Getting them all together and to make their schedules work could prove difficult.

It makes sense, considering all of these women are extremelypopular and people are clamoring to work with them. Hopefully the final episodewill be satisfying enough for fans in the ending of a great series.

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