Bridgerton stars use Kardashian corset designer Mr Pearl

At first glance, the cast of Netflix's period drama Bridgerton don't seem to have anything in common with reality TV legends the Kardashians. But on closer inspection, they are more alike than you think. Racy antics, some seriously stylish fashion and all the drama.

Another point of similarity that the smash hit Netflix drama shares with the Kardashians is the fact that they both work with legendary corset designer Mr Pearl.

Kim Kardashian, 41, hit headlines in 2019 when she hit the red carpet at the Met Gala with a super cinched in waist courtesy of an old school corset constructed by the legendary couturier and has since revealed she worked with him on other pages so show off her famously tiny waist to maximum effect.

And when we caught up with Ruby Barker, who plays Miranda Thompson in the smash hit Netflix show, she revealed to OK! that he was also the man behind the sculptured waists in the show.

'He's a great artist,' enthuses 25 year old Ruby when we catch up with her to hear all about the second season of Bridgerton. 'He's also done Kylie Minogue,' she says.

Giving an insight into their working relationship, Ruby says the designer is 'very very sweet and a very gentle natured man.'

She also laughs that the design he constructed for her would definitely not fit her now! 'I was very small when I was on the show but it was tight,' she laughs. 'It was a proper proper corset, they literally make them by hand.' she says.

And while we're not sure we'd ever get used to wearing the extremely constricting item, Ruby reveals that she found the item surprisingly wearable. 'If I'm not in a ball gown and corset, I'm just not comfortable,' she laughs.

Ruby also reveals to us why Bridgerton, which launched the career of star Rege Jean Page and was one of Netflix's biggest ever hits, was such a success.

'It definitely came at the right time,' she says, referencing the fact that the show premiered at the start of the pandemic, when a huge number of us were stuck at home and glued to our televisions.

'Everyone needed it,' she added. She also says that she thinks the show's diverse casting played a huge part in its success.

'It challenged how we usually see people of colour and particularly people of colour in certain roles.

'The worlds they can exist in,' she said, adding that she was 'very very proud' to have been part of the show, not only because it was a phenomenal success but also because of the way in which it challenged social norms.

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