Callum rocked to discover Jay's relationship with Lola lookalike in EastEnders

EastEnders viewers will know that Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) has been slipping off to meet with new friend Nadine – an escort who bears a striking resemblance to Lola Pearce, Jay’s late wife.

Jay has stayed over at Nadine’s flat a couple of times now, having found comfort in sleeping next to somebody instead of alone.

Recently, he took things a step further by giving Nadine Lola’s perfume to wear, and it became clear just how much he is still struggling to process Lola’s death.

In upcoming scenes, Jay’s unexplained absences will continue to rub Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) up the wrong way, and he will soon be taking snipes at his best friend over his night-time disappearances.

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The pair end up bickering, leaving frustrated Callum Highway (Tony Clay) stuck in the middle.

Callum can tell that something isn’t quite right, and later offers Jay a shoulder to cry on. However, Jay turns him down, insisting that everything is fine, and that he has simply been out meeting new friends.

Satisfied by Jay’s responses, Callum goes about his day, but is left feeling amused when an escort tries to pick him up. What Callum doesn’t know is that the escort just happens to be Jay’s new friend Nadine.

Callum remains amused when Nadine isn’t put off by the fact that he’s a police detective, but eventually manages to get away.

However, he is later shocked to see Nadine hanging around the Square again, this time with Jay. He instantly grows worried for his friend, and wonders what he’s doing with her at this time of the night.

Will Callum step in or pretend he hasn’t seen them? Will he realise just how much Jay is struggling in the wake of Lola’s death?

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