Camila Cabello Was Invited To Appear On This Popular TV Series — Why Did She Turn It Down?

Singer Camila Cabello is best known for just that — singing. However, acting is another career path that she’s been exploring. Following after Cabello’s 2020 Grammy Awards performance, the creator of a well-known TV series revealed that the star had been invited to be on the show. But it won’t be happening. Why not? Here’s what we know.

Camila Cabello got her start on TV

Cabello was an ordinary high school student when she auditioned for the second season of The X Factor in 2012. Rather than progressing as a solo act, she and four other young female contestants were asked to continue on as a group, eventually known as Fifth Harmony.

They ultimately finished in third place and secured a recording contract. Fifth Harmony toured and put out two full-length albums: Reflection in 2015 and 7/27 in 2016. But then, in Dec. 2016, Cabello announced that she was leaving the group in order to pursue a solo career.

She has released two albums as a solo artist

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Despite the controversy surrounding her Fifth Harmony exit, Cabello has done quite well in establishing herself as an artist. Her first album, Camila, was certified platinum, and she earned two Grammy nominations for it and her hit single “Havana.” She opened for Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift, as well as headlining her own Never Be the Same Tour.

With lots of attention on her, Cabello’s second album, Romance, was then released in Nov. 2019. However, there was then backlash after old social media posts revealed racist remarks made by the singer. Because of this, Romance has not fared as well as her first album in terms of sales. Still, Cabello is set to embark on her tour supporting the album in 2020.

Cabello was invited to appear on ‘One Day At A Time’

Switching gears, the TV series One Day At A Time, about a Cuban-American family, has begun shooting its fourth season. It originally aired for three seasons on Netflix, but was then canceled. The upcoming season will air on Pop TV in the U.S.

Series creator Gloria Calderón Kellett commented on Cabello’s Grammys performance on Twitter. A fan suggested that Cabello, who is of Cuban and Mexican descent, should be asked to be on One Day At A Time Season 4. Kellett simply replied, “We did. She’s not avail.”

Is Cabello an actress?

Cabello isn’t exactly known for her acting. Of course, she has been in numerous music videos, and has made a few TV appearances, though only as herself. However, she is prepared to get into the game — in a big way.

In April 2019, it was announced that Cabello will star in an upcoming adaptation of Cinderella. The romantic musical comedy is being produced by James Corden and will co-star Billy Porter and Idina Menzel. If this is the project she’s busy with, we wonder if maybe Cabello will look to One Day At A Time for a future appearance in order to continue her acting career.

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