Captain Sandy says it isnt easy replacing Below Decks Captain Lee

Standby boss Captain Sandy reflected on filling in for ‘Stud of the Sea’ Captain Lee after the pair clashed over drama both on and off the boat. The pair were involved in a brutal social media swinging match where Lee said Sandy “lacked respect”.

Below Deck veteran Captain Sandy confessed that it “isn’t easy” to replace fellow captain Lee as she made reference to the confrontation.

Viewers were divided after she sacked two of Lee’s staff members while he was away getting treatment for his problematic sciatic nerve.

Sandy waved goodbye to stews Camille Lamb and Alissa Humber after arguments and chaos on board St David – something Sandy didn’t tolerate.

Taking to social media at the time, Lee blasted Sandy for her decision. He didn’t disagree with the sacking and fumed he “wasn’t consulted”.

More comments were thrown around and Below Deck viewers weren’t sure which side to take, with some calling for Lee’s early retirement.

Others stated Sandy should have informed Lee she was sacking two of his crew.

But despite everything, Sandy insists she was “happy to help” Lee during season 10 as she discussed the ordeal in a new post on Twitter.

“My MVP of the season,” user @TweeterThots told the boat boss. “You faced the most online criticism this season but every choice you made was what you felt best for your crew.”

The fan explained: “Capt. Sandy has never put herself first. She’s everyone’s #1 supporter. Anyone would be lucky to work for her.”

Replying to the thread, Sandy wrote: “Wow! Appreciate this more than you know.

“Appreciate the support and all the love from everyone. It isn’t easy filling in for another Capt on TV, as viewers have grown accustomed to that Capt’s style.

“I truly care for the crew and for the guests and their charter experience. Happy to help Capt Lee and #BelowDeck out.” (sic)

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Lee returned to the boat on Monday’s episode and viewers watched as he took the reins after arriving on a single crutch.

During the episode, Sandy told the crew of her “bittersweet” exit from St David, telling them she had “really grown fond of you all”.

“When you go through this together and you come out on top, it creates this incredible bond,” Sandy told the remaining staff.

She confessed feeling “emotional” at handing back the controls to Lee and reflected on sacking Camille and Alissa.

In confessional she explained: “I am just so grateful for their hard work, their dedication. It’s like we were in the trenches together.

“What they’ve gone through to this point is pretty awesome. I’m gonna miss them.”

Lee admitted he was “so goddamn glad to be back”, adding: “I feel like I’m back where I belong.”

In confessional, he explained: “I’ve made a lot of improvement, I’ve been spending every day in physical therapy and it was tough.

“Doctors have assured me I’m not going to damage myself any more by working and I’ll be goddamned if anything’s gonna keep me from it.”

Below Deck continues Mondays on Bravo in the US and Hayu in the UK.

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