Carol Kirkwood admitted reason to ‘look for something else’ before BBC ‘sacking’ fear

Carol Kirkwood jokes that she’s going to ‘get sacked’

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The Scottish meteorologist has been a permanent fixture of BBC weather forecasts for 23 years. She has fronted reports for the corporation’s news programmes as well as The One Show, Wimbledon and even royal weddings. However, Carol expressed her fear about being “sacked” from BBC Breakfast yesterday after an off-the-cuff comment during a live broadcast.

The 58-year-old was discussing the ever-changing weather in the UK with her co-stars when she landed herself in hot water.

During the chat, Naga Munchetty revealed BBC Breakfast’s output producer said there was “no weather” to report on.

She recounted their boss’ thought it was “a phenomenon when there is no weather”.

But Carol did not take the comments lightly and strongly denied the claims by stating: “There is always weather!”

She argued there was “always going to be something” to report on. 

The Met Office-trained presenter illustrated her point by stating it was either “going to be dry” or “wet” – or on the odd occasion it was “going to be sunny”.

She firmly disagreed with her BBC boss’ belief and continued with her broadcast before she suddenly backtracked.

Carol realised she had just told BBC Breakfast viewers, up to 10 million people per week, that her producer’s opinion was wrong.

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Soon after, she remarked: “I will probably be sacked for that one!”

Carol’s blunder came amid growing support for new talent at the BBC. 

Owain Wyn Evans has been identified as one weather reporter who has amassed a large following. 

Last month, viewers praised the Welsh broadcaster after each of his weekend forecasts on the show.

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Some went as far as to call on the BBC to give him more slots.

One Twitter user, who tagged in BBC Breakfast’s official account, wrote: “More of him, please.”

Another claimed it was “worth watching the programme for you” – referring to Owain.

Carol first started at the BBC in the early Nineties, when she trained as a secretary before moving to different departments. 

There she fell in love with the weather and left to train at the Met Office and The Weather Channel before returning to the BBC.

Carol admitted she feared the day she was “told” she was “no longer doing weather” but admitted she would not leave without a fight. 

In a 2016 Radio Times interview, she said: “If they showed me the door, I’d hang on by my fingernails.”

Despite describing BBC Breakfast as her “dream job”, Carol admitted the show has taken a toll on her.

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She admitted to feeling “permanently jetlagged” and “sleep-deprived” due to having to wake up before 3am on weekdays. 

However, she added: “I would never give up the weather on Breakfast.”

In a 2018 Sunday Post article, Carol explained that when viewers “see me on the telly” she had “been up for over three hours”.

By that time she was “wide awake” and described it as “mid-morning for me”.

While Carol admitted the hours were tough, she claimed it was worth it to “work with friends all the time”.

She “loved” what she did “more than I ever did” before and believed that satisfaction was “what makes me get out of bed at 2.45 in the morning”.

The weather reporter added: “If I didn’t, then I couldn’t do that and I would be looking for something else.”

Carol seems to get on with her colleagues, who she had described as “family” in the past – hinting that she has no intention to leave yet.

However, she revealed the decision may be taken out of her hands in a 2012 interview.

Carol reiterated the importance of “getting my age right” while she spoke to The Sun, because she hinted being older could derail her career.

She claimed previous publications had listed her as “52, 53 and 51” when she was actually 49.

While Carol’s friends had “a field day with it”, she revealed a more serious side to getting older in the TV world.

The star said: “I know there are thousands of younger girls who will kill for my job.”

In the comments from nine years ago, she claimed to “know the clock” was already “ticking down for me” and feared being taken off-air.

Carol said: “It will be like losing a limb the day I’m told I’m no longer doing [the] weather.” 

Carol Kirkwood presenters weekday weather forecasts on BBC Breakfast, which airs from 6am on BBC One. 

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