Carol Kirkwood snaps at BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker after he suggests new career

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Carol Kirkwood cheekily swiped at BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker after he suggested she should consider creating her own weather podcast. Dan and Louise Minchin were discussing Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s latest venture after it was announced the couple signed a podcast deal with Spotify. However, when Dan implied Carol’s weather report sounded similar to a podcast, she wasn’t impressed. 

Introducing Carol’s report, Dan asked: “Carol you haven’t got a podcast out, have you? I’d listen to a Carol Kirkwood weather podcast if you had one.”

“Bless you Dan, I’ll do one just for you,” Carol replied. 

“We’ll just have a phone conversation instead,” the BBC Breakfast presenter joked.

“Yes that’s true, very true,” the weather reporter agreed.

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After the report, Dan commented: “I closed my eyes during that Carol, it felt like a podcast, it was lovely.”

“Dan you’re barking,” the weather reporter hit back. 

“Bit harsh,” Dan remarked. “Thank you Carol we’ll see you later on.”

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