Carol Vorderman opens up about the vile abuse her brother suffered with for having a cleft lip and palate

CAROL Vorderman fought back tears as she opened up about the abuse her brother suffered for having a cleft lip and palate.

The 60-year-old – who has a brother and a sister – described their tough childhood and revealed how it had spurred her brother Anton to help others.

She shared a video of a man called Jonathan, who has a rare genetic condition called Treacher Collins Syndrome and explained how his story resonated with her due to her brother. 

In a series of Instagram videos, she said: "Jonathan's story is significant to me and my family because of my brother.

"My brother was born in the 1950s with severe cleft lip and palate and over the course of his life had 24 operations on his face.

We were very poor, he was always kind and yet he suffered a lot of abuse because of how he looked

"He was eight years older than me and didn't like to go out because of how he looked, I called him 'my little daddy' because our father had abandoned me, not my brother or sister, he refused to meet me from when I was two weeks old, I don't know why, still to this day."

She continued: "We were very poor, he was always kind and yet he suffered a lot of abuse because of how he looked and he grew and still is one of the kindest, most generous, funny, loving, successful people I've ever known.

"He is always laughing, he loves people, everybody loves my brother and I suppose the reason I am telling you this, I've been a patron of the Cleft Lip and Palate Association for 20 years and it's not the same in Eastern Europe.

"A number of years ago he found that in Romania, Bulgaria, when babies are born with cleft they are often taken from their mothers and taken to orphanages and that was because they couldn't suck and feed.

"And there's a special way of feeding babies with severe cleft palate. So he set up a charity to train specialists who would then train the mothers."

Struggling to hold back tears, she added: "In the first years they managed to get over 40 babies out of orphanages and back with their mums. It makes me cry."

She then said with her voice breaking: "And THAT is my brother. Born with cleft, 24 operations, suffered because of how he looks and yet he's helped many others. He's WONDERFUL."

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