Celebrity SAS’ Danielle’ Lloyd’s date nights with Matt Hancock: ‘He asked me’

One of the most unlikely of celebrity friendships has emerged amid the launch of the brand new series of Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins.

Model and TV star Danielle Lloyd has this week revealed that she and former Health Secretary Matt Hancock forged an unexpected kinship whilst on the gruelling Channel 4 reality show, and that the ex MP has already attempted to arrange a double date.

Speaking exclusively to OK! , mum-of-five Danielle admitted she'd received several messages from the former government minister since they finished filming.

"Matt messaged me the other day asking if Michael [O'Neill] and I wanted to go out with him and Gina [Colangelo] on a double date for some food some time. We’re very different people – I honestly don’t know what we’d talk about, but I’m sure it’d be a fun night.

"I’d just have to get him drunk!" she added.

Liverpool-born star Danielle, 39, also confessed she "didn't have an opinion" of controversial character Matt, 41, and that she wanted to give him a clean slate whilst they starred on the new series together.

"I’m definitely not into politics, he was just someone I saw on the news every day when we were being told not to leave our houses," she admitted. "But when I met him, he was nice enough to me – really friendly."

Matt triggered huge uproar last year when he announced he'd be taking part in the 2022 series of I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!. Telly lovers were left equally shocked when earlier this month it was revealed he was in the line-up of Celebrity SAS.

"I tend to take people as I find them, I try not to take into account things I’ve heard before," Danielle told us.

Matt's exit from his government minister role was infamous, triggered by a full-page picture on The Sun newspaper showing him kissing his aide (now girlfriend) Gina Colangelo.

And though Danielle admits she was able to see past Matt's turbulent political past for the sake of the show, she admits some of her co-stars found it more difficult to release their grudges against him.

"Some people definitely had a few questions for him over what went down during the pandemic, but I won’t give too much away," she exclusively told OK!.

"All I’ll say is that he did handle confrontation quite well. It was such an intense situation, but I think the officers absolutely annihilated him."

Danielle also confirmed that – despite a rocky start with his co-contestants – Matt is part of the series' WhatsApp group.

"We’re trying to get everyone together for a night out, but it’s hard because we all have separate projects going on. I do think we’ll meet up again soon though."

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