Charlene White out of order says former Im A Celebrity star

I'm A Celeb: Boy George calls Charlene White 'controlling'

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I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! star Charlene White has been lambasted by a former campmate after her refusal to join Matt Hancock in the luxury of the camp’s RV. Vernon Kay has hit out at her decision to sacrifice the spot in the vehicle and therefore not free up her own bed while many of the camp sleep in a hammock. The TV presenter vented his frustrations to Radio X host Toby Tarrant on Friday morning.

This Morning host Vernon was chatting as a guest on the breakfast show usually presented by I’m A Celebrity’s Chris Moyles.

Vernon explained: “I think the scenario which is annoying all of us is this Charlene situation and the fact that she’s refusing to go into the RV where there’s a comfortable bed.

“Therefore freeing up a normal bed so that someone doesn’t have to sleep in a hammock.

“My experience with the hammock is they’re awful. I was given a hammock and I ended up taking it off the stands, putting it on the floor and sleeping on everyone’s coats, and that was comfier than the hammock.” 

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Using his own time in the 2020 edition of the ITV reality show, he continued: “I think that situation is really out of order.

“I think that’s one of the first questions that Ant and Dec will ask her when she leaves, like ‘why did you not sleep in the RV?’ Is it because you wanted to sleep with the campmates? Or is it because you didn’t want to sleep next to Matt Hancock?’”

He added: “I think Charlene has played a booboo there by refusing to go into the RV.

“It’s really distressing watching it because it’s like ‘It’s really simple Charlene, just make your campmates happy by going in a comfortable bed.'”

Charlene has caused quite the stir on the ITV show after her refusal to share a cosy space with former Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

The newsreader has so far cited a big spider she saw in there as a reason not to join the suspended Conservative MP.

Amid the controversy, presenter of the show Ant McPartlin has even suggested the Loose Women star may be punished for her choice of sleeping arrangement.

On Wednesday’s edition, he and Dec Donnelly speculated on the reasons Charlene may have for rejecting the RV.

Dec kicked the debate off, asking: “Can we talk about the hammock RV situation? Do you get it? I don’t.”

Ant said: “Why would she not want to sleep in there, it can’t just be because of the spider.

“Is it because you don’t want to sleep next to Matt? Is that it?

“You’ve got to think of the other people that have to then sleep in a hammock because of your actions and then have a bad back.”

He continued: “Then you’ve got to look at your actions, don’t you?”

Dec replied: “I am not sure it is playing as a team member taking up a bed.”

Ant believed the situation could be escalated, with damning consequences for the journalist in the camp: “It is against the rules they said.”

The presenter ominously added: “I think maybe she is and I am going to speak to the producers about it.”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! airs daily from 9pm on ITV

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