Clarksons Farm star Kaleb Cooper says its like Christmas as he shares update

Kaleb Cooper’s excitement at getting a government grant

Clarkson’s Farm star Kaleb Cooper has taken to Instagram to share “exciting” news with his two million followers.

Sitting in his tractor, the young farmer, who shot to stardom opposite Jeremy Clarkson in the hit Prime Video docuseries, took to his Insta stories to tell fans that he had managed to secure a government grant.

“Feels like Christmas today!” he excitedly exclaimed. “So I went for a grant and managed to get the Animal Health grant – and on that grant was this beast!”

He then moved the camera back to show a clearly brand-new and extremely shiny piece of farming equipment in the background.

Explaining what it was for he said it: “Is a cattle crush, it’s a mobile cattle crush with the weigh scales and everything on it.”


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He was extremely happy as he continued: “So I’m just in Mole Valley picking it up.

“Look how shiny it is! It won’t stay that shiny, I guarantee by tonight it’ll be covered in cow muck again. Brilliant! I’m very excited,” he concluded with a giant smile on his face. “I feel like a kid.”

Kaleb’s good news will be very welcome after he was forced to issue a desperate plea for help last month after admitting he needed a mammoth amount of wheat to be cut down for him.

Initially taking to Instagram Stories, he cheekily quizzed: “Does anybody out there want to bring a combine, preferably a big one, to cut about 160 acres of wheat for me?

“I’m probably not gonna buy the demo, but I just want to cut my wheat. I thought I’d be honest in this situation.”

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He reiterated: “So that again – a big combine to cut 160 acres of wheat on a demo – and I won’t buy it!”

There was seemingly no response, as Kaleb took to the app again later, telling his two million followers: “So it’s now been nine hours since I pleaded for help on a demo combine that I probably won’t buy.

“Would it help if I said that I might be interested in it? I’ll show an interest in it!”

It was almost night-time when he reiterated his plea, with the skies turning pitch black behind him – and to make matters worse, he later showed himself driving along with no lights.

“The fuse went out,” he exclaimed in frustration, adding: “What a day, honestly!”

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