Come Dine With Mes Claire Phillips announces pregnancy with her first child

Come Dine With Me legend – who became an internet sensation for serving her food on a plank of wood – has announced that she is pregnant.

The 36-year-old who resides in Cardiff, shared the happy news that she is expecting her first child any day now. There appeared to be a slew of images which show off her baby bump and it's safe to say Claire was glowing.

According to The Sun, The Spa Therapist who quickly went viral is expecting a beautiful baby boy. They also claim she has opted for pre-planned C-section for safe delivery of her unborn baby.

Channel 4's Claire announced: "I had to squeeze one more night out in before hanging up my party shoes! Lol! C section all booked in as the baby is growing rapidly! Lol! So time to rest up now! Not long now baby!"

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Many fans of the Channel 4 food competition will undoubtably recognise Claire for her iconic appearance on the reality programme back in 2018. With many folk still laughing about her stint today.

During the contest, the Welsh-born star hilariously served all of her food on wood boards as she joked on camera "as in a restaurant you would have it on a plank, wouldn't you." The very clip still has the internet in meltdown to this very day.

The self-proclaimed Valley girl gained overnight fame after her laugh out loud episode on Come Dine With Me. With it quickly becoming one of the most watched episodes of all time.

When it was Claire's time to shine and cook up a feast for her guests, she spent most of her time getting ready with her hair dark locks in rollers the entire time and taking her cat for a stroll on its lead. There wasn't really a lot of cooking going on.

In order to save on time, Claire decided she'd pretty much use most things that were shop bought. This in order to free up valuable minutes for other things that she had going on – not really the aim of the show.

But it was the serving of her food that gained the star most traction on Tik Tok, Twitter and Instagram. During the episode, Claire said on camera: "I've got something different tonight, I'm not gonna be serving my food on plates, I'm actually going to be serving them on planks.

She added: "I think the guests would be quite impressed? I'd be a bit tamping if they're not as it is a bit of an effort buying planks." But it wasn't solely the hilarious bits of wood that caused a storm.

In one segment Claire mispronounced the word "succulent" as "succalant" causing much trivia and hysteria around the table and the four other guests. As it was pinpointed to be wrong, much to the beauty therapist's dismay.

It didn't end there, will Claire opted to dish out days-old-birthday cake in the form of a sundae. She also labelled a sirloin steak as "stirlion", leaving narrator Dave Lamb ironically lost for words.

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