Convicting a Murderer director talks new inmate confession in first UK interview

Shawn Rech has spoken to Daily Star Online about Netflix Making a Murderer spin-off, Convicting a Murderer in his first UK interview.

The new show will re-examine Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey's cases.

Both men are currently behind bars for the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach.

Avery was given life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, while Dassey will be eligible for parole in 2048.

Avery and Dassey have always protested their innocence.

Part one of Daily Star Online's exclusive interview sees Shawn share his thoughts on the recent widely-publicised confession made by a Wisconsin inmate.

The inmate said he committed Halbach's murder after initially pointing the finger at Avery.

Shawn divulged: "The guy said that Steven [committed the murder] and told him all about it and gave a lot of these details – he wrote a nine page letter.

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"It was full of lurid lurid granular details about what took place – terrible things for the family to have seen.

"And he said that Steven had buried some stuff and had done some searches and there was something about the letter that bothered me.

"Particularly, we had the worry that it was informed by hindsight and he said Steven had to stop talking to me because Netflix was making this series."

"It was a statement he wrote in the letter. But Netflix never made a series – they acquired this years later.

"So that was informed by hindsight – clearly."

"So I wanted to confront him, so I decided to set up a prison call where I could say there are a few things here that bother me."

Shawn revealed his call with the inmate took an unexpected turn.

He said: "I started the call and 30 seconds into it he confesses to killing Teresa and says this letter is a bunch of cr*p.

"And I’m like, 'what’s going on here?'"

Shawn said he then came to the realisation that the inmate’s confession was probably for the new reward money.

Zellner recently revealed on Twitter that an anonymous donor had offered up $100,000 to find the "real killer".

Shawn said: "I thought his confession must be some sort of side run for that new reward money.

"But here's the thing, is he admitting he's a liar, yes? Is he a credible human being or is he a criminal? He's a criminal.

"But he was running around free when Teresa was killed and he's killed in Wisonconsin – a woman in Wisconsin.

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"So, it had to be taken a little bit seriously and it had to be investigated so I sent it to both defence attorneys and I sent it to the State.

"I don't know what the State's determination is – I know the defence attorneys don't take it very seriously."

Shawn then shared his thoughts on whether offering reward money can be detrimental as it can attracts false confessions.

He explained: "Yes, [ it can be dangerous] but it's not worth throwing out the baby with the bath water.

"I think to Kathleen Zellner's credit she didn't jump on it and use it you know she obviously wants a credible tip.

"So yes, it could invite some crackpots – the notoriety alone could invite some crackpots.

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"Remember the Jon Benet Ramsey case? A guy admitted it out of nowhere and it was just bizarre.

"The risk of getting bad information is real but you think a highly skilled interviewer will be able to filter that stuff out."

Two days ago, Zellner revealed she was making the "last edits" to "Avery's Appellate Brief," which will be submitted to the appeals court.

Part two of Daily Star Online’s exclusive interview will see Shawn examine the original Making a Murderer series.

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