Coronation Street fans ‘work out’ Sally will expose Stephen

Coronation Street: Stephen and David fight

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Factory owner Carla Connor (played by Alison King) is evil Stephen Reid’s (Todd Boyce) current victim, with the Coronation Street villain slowly poisoning her so she appears to be losing her mind. The murderer is hoping to manipulate her out of the factory so he can take over the business, and it seems he might be close to succeeding. However, clever fans of the ITV soap think they’ve worked out Sally Metcalfe will reveal what has really been going on.

Stephen has been spiking Carla’s tea and coffee with LSD to make her act strangely in front of others.

Carla did suffer a mental breakdown in the past, so Stephen believes it will be easy to convince residents she’s relapsing.

Recent scenes saw Carla kicking everyone out of the factory as the drugs took their hold of her.

She frightened the employees as she approached the group and demanded they stop “whispering about” her.

Her behaviour concerned the others and she quickly asked them all to leave.

However, fans think it’s only a matter of time before Carla’s friends realise she begins to behave irrationally after being served a drink by Stephen.

Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor) almost caught Stephen placing LSD in Carla’s drink as she reminded him about how Carla likes her coffee.

A comment the factory worker later made seemed to imply she may soon make a connection.

Viewers picked up on the fact Sally had remarked that Carla had seemed fine before her coffee.

Taking to social media, fans began to plead for Carla’s friends and family to open their eyes.

Twitter user @Jamal06122771 wrote: “Wow, Peter think like Sally. She said Carla was fine before the Coffee #corrie #coronationstreet.”

@Zombiechick1967 added: “How is no one clicking on that Carla only goes mad when Stephen makes her a drink? And why the f*** is nothing happening about him murdering those 2 fellas? #Corrie #CoronationStreet.”

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“Can they pleeeeeease hurry and make the connection between Stephen’s brews and Carla’s episodes #boring #Corrie,” (sic) @JuJulesberry begged.

@DavidMackayy added: “I need someone to make Carla a cup of tea and realise she’s fine drinking it, then Stephen to make her a cup and realise she’s gone mental #corrie.”

Others pointed out that doctor’s hadn’t thought to perform blood tests on Carla which would show she had LSD in her system.

@XxBeccyXx_ asked: “Why aren’t the doctors using their brains and suggesting doing blood tests on Carla? #corrie.”

@Louise49673572 echoed this, writing: “Why hasn’t Dr Gadass taken a blood test from Carla? #Corrie.”

Fans are also hoping Stephen will soon be caught up for his crimes.

He has so far managed to stay under the radar despite killing two people since arriving on the cobbles.

Will Sally be the one to ultimately start suspecting him of poisoning Carla?

Coronation Street continues on Friday at 8pm on ITV.

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