Coronation Street spoilers: Rebecca Ryan on potential Lydia return after exit

Coronation Street viewers were left in shock when a showdown between Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) and his ex Lydia ended in violence after she accidentally pushed him from a balcony.

Tonight saw Lydia return to face the music, visiting Adam by his bedside – and Rebecca Ryan told us that she is glad for her character to get the acknowledgement from Adam that he treated her appallingly – even if her revenge went way too far. caught up with the actress and she reflected on the fact that Lydia may be able to revisit the show as there is still a lot more to learn.

She mused: ‘I think now we have have that redemption, people have seen she is not just this crazy woman just doing it for no reason, it would be good to explore it a bit more. And what she is really like as a person, I’d love to do it!’

While some fans might disagree that Lydia has been somewhat vindicated, Rebecca argues that her motives were genuine.

We saw Adam gaslighting her, making her feel like she was making it all up but Rebecca is relieved that the story wasn’t just black and white, commenting that her initial friendship with Sarah (Tina O’Brien) was totally genuine.

‘For an actor, it’s great to put yourself in their shoes and establish the reason that they’re doing it; you don’t agree with it but you can understand the lengths that she went to,’ the Shameless and Casualty star explained.

‘You understand a bit what she went through and why she does the things she does so it was important to have that redemptive part in there.’

In fact, the actress reckons that if Adam had just held his hands up and provided closure, then none of this would have happened.

So is the real blow that he completely forgot her existence?

Rebecca agreed, saying: ‘I think that was it, yeah! All she wanted was acknowledgement and for him to say sorry; that would have been it, she would have accepted it.

‘It was a knife in the back when he didn’t remember what happened – this changed the course of her life, the abortion and Adam changed everything for her.

‘For him not to clock that, it was the turning point – all he had to do is acknowledge what he had done, she could have got over it.

‘But he didn’t and it was “wow”.’

While Lydia has had a less than fun time on the cobbles, Rebecca has loved every moment, which is why she would certainly not turn down a return.

She enthused of her experience: ‘I really have had the best time. When you find out you have a job on Coronation Street, it’s daunting. It’s an iconic show, it’s not just any show especially when you come from Manchester.

‘I don’t tend to get very nervous when I do things and act but I was so nervous in my first week. This is Coronation Street, it’s a big deal. But the cast and crew put me at ease and made me instantly comfortable, they’re amazing and it was such a lovely experience.’

And not even fans believing that she was the character she played could dampen the experience on the show.

She laughed: ‘I got a lot of hate especially at the start! Some people mistaking that we aren’t the same person! Honest, it’s not me, I’m actually quite nice!

‘At the same time, you have to think it’s nice people get so involved with the storyline so it’s nice in that way.

‘I’ve had a lot of really lovely and supportive messages as well so I can’t complain too much.

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