Coronation Street viewers ‘switch off’ over abuse storyline as ‘creepy’ Geoff starts controlling Yasmeen

CORONATION Street viewers switched off this evening as they struggled to watch Geoff Metcalfe controlling Yasmeen Nazir.

The hospital DJ has become increasingly abusive towards his girlfriend and is furious to discover her partying with Alya and her friends instead of sleeping.

Those watching the soap at home found the scenes uncomfortable to watch and took to Twitter to discuss it.

One person wrote: “#coronationstreet omg I cant take Geoff horrible horrible git makes me want to turn the channel over.”

While another added: “Yasmeen needs to leave Geoff and quickly, another horrible storyline coming up!! #domesticabuse #controllingbehaviour #notokay #coronationstreet.”

And someone else tweeted: “I don't know that I can watch this Geoff storyline #corrie.”

As a further person remarked: “I hate Geoff with every fibre of my being. Bravo to that actor!”

During tonight’s episode Geoff undermined Alya’s efforts to get Yasmeen to go back to work after she was mugged, insisting that she stayed at home with him looking after her.

When Sally and Tim popped over and invited Yasmeen out for a drink, Geoff was pleased when she said no.

But when she grew bored of doing jigsaws at home, she decided to go out for a walk.

Geoff managed to talk her into staying in with him after acting hurt.

However, when Yasmeen told him that her mugger has been arrested, her new found confidence irked him.

He was beyond cross when he found Yasmeen having a drink and a laugh with Alya and Ryan and made her go up to bed.

Later, Alya fell asleep on the sofa and – with Ryan gone – she was oblivious to a gloved hand stealing a box of precious jewellery and photos.

But who was behind it? Fans are already predicting it might be Geoff as he attempts to control Yasmeen even further by scaring her.

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