Coronation Street's Lucy Fallon fronts terrifying lesbian horror trailer – proving she’s worlds away from Bethany Platt

LUCY Fallon has well and truly moved on from her star making role on Coronation Street as she fronts a new lesbian drama.

The former Bethany Platt actress, 25, will front a new drama for Audible based on Naomi Booth's short story Sour Hall, where she plays a lesbian returning to her family's farm.

Sour Hall is a six part audio adaptation of the short story which was recorded using a groundbreaking 360-degree sound technique, and designed to be listened to with headphones.

Recorded on location in Yorkshire, the story follows George (Fallon) who moves back to her family's farm with her girlfriend Ash, played by Doctor Who's Pearl Mackie.

The couple decided to move back to the farm together to escape something terrible that happened to them, but things only seem to get worse for them.

Ash begins to feel very isolated in her new surrounds and feels very uncomfortable with the hostile reaction from locals to an interracial, same-sex couple in the village.

She then starts hearing some loud clanging in the milking shed.

George wants her partner to stay well away from the shed, but things start to get even more weird when Ash starts whispering to something.

"It was so beneficial to record on site and in 360 degree sound. It's going to feel very intense and I think really immerse the listener, as they will not only be listening to the drama but they will be able to feel it as it takes place around them. It makes the content quite terrifying," Fallon said of her role.

Mackie added: "By recording on location I feel like I could really put myself in Ash's position, rather than imagining it.

"When things scare me they tend to really stay with me and I think this story and the way that the narrative builds will certainly stay with the audience."

Fallon left Corrie in early 2020 right before the coronavirus pandemic hit.

She admitted her post-Corrie plans have been floored by the coronavirus pandemic that temporarily shut down the TV industry.

Fallon told The Sun last year: “It was really difficult to make the decision to leave, but I’d been there for five years and it was all I’d ever known.

“I’d never done theatre or anything away from Corrie and after the grooming storyline where I won quite a few awards, which was amazing, I realised if I didn’t leave and try other things I might end up wondering, ‘What if?’.

“But obviously Covid-19 has thrown it all up in the air now. As I left, work was starting to pick up and take off and now everything has stopped.

“But I do know there are loads of people in much worse situations than me and I’ve been very lucky.

“I’m trying to stay positive about it, but it’s obviously a bit sad having nothing to do.”

Sour Hall will be released on on Audible UK on January 25 from Audible UK.

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