Corrie fans fume at ‘repetitive’ storyline as Summer Spellman collapses again

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Coronation Street viewers seem to have had enough of Summer Spellman following her recent collapse after failing to take her medication.

The young teen, who has type 1 diabetes, was in a panic when she couldn't find her passport ahead of her holiday with her boyfriend Aaron.

Rushing around the flat trying to find her missing belongings, Summer dramatically fell to the floor.

But as this isn't the first time Summer's been in this predicament, viewers were not impressed seeing on their screens again and begged producers to change the script.

Jumping onto Twitter, disgruntled viewers shared their thoughts on the scene.

One person wrote: "Summer is such a bad advert for a Type 1 Diabetic. The first thing she would have is a Libre sensor on her arm.

"Blood sugars can be checked immediately without the old fashioned finger pricking. Come on Corrie get your writers to do better research."

Another penned: "How much more of this Summer storyline are we going to have to endure …it's just beyond boring now, such a gloomy character."

A third shared: "Why is Summer on the floor AGAIN? Can't the scriptwriters come up with anything else?"

Meanwhile another viewer begged the writers to show other characters instead of Summer and her boyfriend Aaron.

The spectator wrote: "Why are we seeing nothing of the super talented Asha, the brilliant Amy and the glorious Nina, The amazing Sam , I’d even settle for Hope Stape. Enough of Summer ( clearly played by someone older than the character) and her refusal to help herself in any way."

Due to Summer fainting with Aaron trying his best to help her, the young couple ended up missing their flight and to viewers' disappointment their holiday plans were quickly scrapped.

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