Corrie spoiler video reveals Sarah's sex betrayal in hotel liaison

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Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) could be about to make a huge mistake in Coronation Street as she finds herself flirting with Damon Hay (Ciaran Griffiths), the same man who recently made Nick Tilsley’s (Ben Price) life a living hell.

This week, we saw Damon in a meeting with Adam (Sam Robertson).

When Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) arrived, she was horrified to discover that Adam was debating becoming Damon’s legal representative.

She quickly revealed Damon’s connection to Nick and now, this has put Adam in a difficult position. On the one hand, his business his struggling and Damon is loaded but also, there are family matters to think about.

Coming up, Nick is horrified to find Damon smugly sitting at his desk.

Damon reminds Nick that he still has a financial interest in the business and reveals he’s hired a new solicitor who Nick may have heard of.

Confronting Adam, Nick is furious that he’s agreeing to act on behalf of Damon and once Sarah discovers what’s going on, she announces that she’s off to the hotel he booked for their date night on her own.

In this new video, we see the moment Sarah arrives at the bar.

Damon quickly clocks her and turns on the charm, telling the bartender he can serve Sarah first and he’ll wait for his next drink.

As Damon begins smooth talking Sarah, it’s clear she’s enjoying his company, but where will this lead?

‘Sarah’s absolutely fuming that Adam would get involved with this guy,’ Tina O’Brien recently told us. ‘Adam understandably says it’s business and he needs the money but Sarah says look it’s not about the money, this is family and you’re basically siding with the guy that’s made my brother’s life hell.’

‘I’ve been trying to find some moral reason as to why Sarah would behave in this way and actually I’m not really sure there is one,’ she speculated.

‘So I’ve just decided to play it as an opportunity that’s presented itself, she’s at an age where maybe life feels a bit sensible, a bit boring, and then something has come along that’s kind of caught her eye a little bit.

‘She knows she shouldn’t, but she’s tempted anyway, and it’s as simple as that. These things happen, I’m not saying it’s right and Sarah knows that but I’m guessing she’s going to go there anyway.’

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