Corrie star reveals Ryan hits rock bottom after Justin's verdict

Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) must face Justin Rutherford (Andrew Still) in court this week in Coronation Street, something he’s been absolutely dreading ever since the stalker pleaded not guilty to attacking him with acid.

Not only has Ryan got to face reliving the attack, but he also has to deal with a room full of strangers staring at the changes to his appearance courtesy of Justin.

It’s a terrifying ordeal, and with Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) also relying on him after being stalked by Justin for months, Ryan has a lot on his shoulders.

We’ve seen how capable Justin is of lying and spinning stories to work in his favour, which means there is every possible chance he’s going to do the same when he takes to the stand – but could that impact the overall result?

And if so, what will that do to Ryan?

‘Ryan believes that Justin getting sent down would be the next step in his closure definitely’, Ryan Prescott explained recently.

‘It has to happen for him to move forward and if it doesn’t happen then I am not sure where that leaves him. It’s going to set him back a long way because he would be left in turmoil over the situation and the injustice of it all.

‘Ryan needs Justin to face justice before he can even face the reality of the aftermath. For Ryan, everything is riding on this trial.’

‘It’s a shock to the system but he faces him immediately’, he added, explaining what it’s like for Ryan to see Justin again.

‘He doesn’t look away and he stares him down because he is not afraid of Justin, but he is afraid of his own situation. He holds so much anger and resentment towards Justin that he has been waiting for this moment to look him in the face.’

Away from facing Justin, Ryan also faces difficulty when the barrister accuses him of being in love with Daisy and secretly plotting the attack themselves.

‘He loses his temper’, Ryan said.

‘He’s passionate about what has happened to him because it’s his life; everything about his life has changed because of this. When the barrister insinuates that he is in love with Daisy, there is an element of truth to that, and Ryan knows that he does have feelings for Daisy but he’s not even sure what those feelings are.

‘He knows that she is marrying Daniel and he knows that he doesn’t have a chance and he doesn’t think that she would ever be interested in someone like him because of his facial scars but he has feelings there for her.

‘He feels like he has a connection with her, and not only does he feel like he has made a fool out of himself in front of the whole court, but he also feels like he has let Daisy down.’

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