Corrie’s Aggie secret past ‘worked out’ by fans as Ronnie arrives on show

Coronation Street fans are convinced Aggie (Lorna Laidlaw) is hiding a secret from Ed (Trevor Michael Georges) as she was left feeling uncomfortable when his brother Ronnie (Vinta Morgan) visited the family.

Ed was thrilled as his brother came to Weatherfield, but Aggie was noticeable worried when she heard he was arriving later that day.

Fans are certain she's hiding something and many have suggested they had an affair in the past.

They took to Twitter as one said: "Bet Aggie's had an affair with him".

While another viewer watching penned: "Aggie, definitely looking a bit uncomfortable. Got a feeling a secret is about to be revealed".

A third added: "Ronnie arrives on the street tonight. Aggie is worried about him. I wonder if Aggie and Ronnie had a troubled past. Maybe he slept with her or something?"

"I detect some history between Aggie and Ronnie…", remarked a fourth.

Others think Aggie could be concerned because Ronnie is the father of James or Michael.

One added: "Prediction: Ronnie slept with Aggie or they had an affair years ago and one of the sons is his instead of Ed’s!"

Another penned: "What is the story with Aggie & Ronnie? did they have an affair? is it going to turn out that Ronnie is the father to 1 of her kids?"

At the end of tonight's hour-long episode, Aggie opened up to Grace about why she's worried about Ronnie visiting.

Grace asked: "What's the story?"

To Which Aggie replied: "There is no story."

Grace said: "You're not a very convincing liar…"

Aggie eventually said: "All it is, if you must know. Ronnie can lead Ed astray.

"I'm just a bit nervy of Ronnie knocking him off course, that's all."

Viewers will have to wait and see if Aggie is telling the truth, or if there's more to her past with Ronnie than she's letting on.

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