'Crazy Rich Asians' Director Wishes He Made South Asian Roles 'More Human'

“That’s a lesson that I did not understand until it happened,” Jon M. Chu says of South Asian characters cast in stereotypical roles

Brian Welk

Chu referenced one scene in which Constance Wu and Awkwafina’s characters get lost on their way to a big party, only for their car to be surrounded by imposing armed guards.

“Looking back, I should have had a joke there [for the guards] being like, ‘These idiots’ [about the girls],” the director said about the scene. “There’s stuff to do to make them more human instead of just like these guards.”

He also said that while there are South Asian characters present at the big wedding scene at the end of the film, Chu didn’t make the pains to make them visible and included. He added that he hopes to “pay more attention to that stuff” in the future.

“I didn’t understand some of the other contexts to that. So hearing it from people, for me, it was a learning experience,” he said. “They’re just sort of there. I don’t give them the space to be there.”

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