David Jason in unseen Only Fools and Horses set photos 40 years after debut

Nicholas Lyndhurst on filming classic Only Fools on Horses

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It has officially been 40 years since Del Boy, Trotter, Trigger and the others graced the screens of BBC One with the hopes they would one day become rich. To celebrate the anniversary BBC have released some unseen images from some of the most memorable episodes.

The British sitcom became a hit after its premiere in 1981 and had loyal fans across the nation tuning in every week.

Only Fools and Horses followed Del Boy (David Johnson) and his younger brother Rodney (Nicholas Lyndhurst) on their mission to become rich.

The comedy saw the two buy and sell almost anything, sometimes even dodgy goods to reach their goal.

The series became a household name and an iconic British staple, which received numerous awards and even a BAFTA.

Thanks to the BBC, fans of the sitcom can now indulge in sentimental memories with the release of unseen behind the scene images.

This included a variety of black and white photos from some of the most memorable episodes.

One features Del Boy, Rodney and Grandad (Leonard Pierce) in season two’s episode titled It Never Rains, as they paraded on their trip abroad.

Another was from season three, which showed the brothers looking over Grandad as he lay in bed.

The BBC also released a snap of Sid’s iconic cafe, which fans will remember for its greasy and often poisonous food.

Because of this Sid (Roy Heather) was given the nickname The Peckham Poisoner for overloading the local hospital with patients who had eaten at his cafe.

Robert Seatter, Head of BBC History said: “This cache of new photos reveals the genuine joyful camaraderie at the heart of one of the nation’s best-loved sitcoms.

“Fans will love seeing the on-set antics of the leading actors, as well as the paraphernalia of broadcasting on location of ever-popular episodes,” he added. 

“These unique photographs show filming on location, set design and the cast and crew from the first episode to the last – it is brilliant to share these fantastic memories with the audience,” said Luke O’Shea, Archive Collections Manager

He explained: “To the best of our knowledge, these images have not been released or viewed previously and have now been fully restored for the enjoyment of fans of the show and of photography.

“It is an honour to be the custodian of these images and to curate a collection that brings joy to the viewers,” he concluded.

Fans will remember the episode Time On Our Hands when the Trotter brothers finally became rich.

The Christmas special saw their efforts pay off when they came across a rare pocket watch in their lock-up garage.

They discovered it was a John Harrison marine chronometer – the ‘Harrison Lesser Watch, so they went to auction and sold it for £6.2 million.

However, they ended up losing their riches and in the hilarious episode, Del Boy went on a game show to try and regain it.

After seven seasons, Only Fools and Horses came to an end in 2003, with its 18th and final Christmas special.

Only Fools and Horses seasons 1-7 are available to stream on BBCiplayer.

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