Dead to Me fans blast disappointing series finale

Dead to Me: Season 3 official trailer

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After two years of waiting, fans were ecstatic to see Dead to Me make its highly anticipated return to Netflix for season three. Although it appeared Jen Harding (played by Christina Applegate) and Judy Hale (Linda Cardellini) finally caught a break, fans were left devastated after the finale took an unexpected turn.

On Thursday, Dead to Me premiered its third and final season which picked up after Jen and Judy’s car was crashed into by an inebriated Ben Wood (James Marsden).

After both the women were rushed it became clear Jen was in worse condition, as a CT scan exposed shadows, which appeared to be cancerous masses. 

Jen was particularly heartbroken as she stood by her mother who had died from cancer the year before. 

However, after the doctor called her “Ms Hale”, it was made clear there had been a mix-up and it was Judy who had cancer.  

After Jen broke the news to her friend, more tests unveiled she had stage three cancer and despite their optimism, they learned the body of Judy’s ex, Steve Wood (James Marsden) was found in the woods. 

However, they were able to escape all suspicion when the murder weapon went missing.

After the chemotherapy had failed, Judy learned she was terminal and after an emotional showdown, she revealed she didn’t want any more treatment, but to enjoy the rest of her life.

Season three wrapped with the two friends in Mexico, where Jen discovered she was pregnant. 

After a fall, Judy disclosed she had no interest in returning to the United States and wanted to die in the sunny paradise of Mexico.

The next morning, Jen woke up to find Judy nowhere to be seen, instead, she discover a farewell note as Judy had sailed off into the sunset.

Jen drove back to the USA picturing Judy beside her, telling her friend that she’ll never leave her.

It is shown that Jen has a baby who she named Joey instead of Judy, just in case the child is one-day gender fluid.

The dark comedy left fans with mixed emotions, some were emotional to see the two friends separated, while others were disappointed with the finale. 

An unsatisfied @jenanistons tweeted: “Idk how I feel about the ending.”

@DineoMakosholo shared: “The #DeadToMe ending is SO disappointing ugh.” (sic)

A fuming @lovingxwomen added: “The person who is responsible for the #DeadToMe ending is definitely dead to me now.”

A devastated @skautx wrote: “On a f*****g emotional rollercoaster after watching #DeadToMe season 3, fly high Judy!”

While @Sabi60 stated: “The end of #DeadToMe finished me.”

A sixth fan @jolissaxo_ defended the ending, however: ”Wow just finished the final season, and they did amazing, this show is so underrated. Did not miss at all #DeadToMe.”

Dead to Me seasons 1-3 are available to stream on Netflix.

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