Demi Jones says vile trolls have accused her of lying about cancer diagnosis

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Love Island star Demi Jones has revealed that she has been targeted by cruel trolls who accused her of lying about her recent cancer diagnosis.

Demi, 22, has been diagnosed with a rare form of thyroid cancer and she has bravely shared her treatment journey on social media.

But while many of her fans have been supportive, Demi told Good Morning Britain on Tuesday that some sick commenters had accused her of making the whole thing up.

She told Susanna Reid and Bill Turnbull: "I’ve been really lucky that I haven't experienced a lot of trolling but even with my cancer, I’ve had nasty comments.

"Like people saying oh she’s lying, she’s this, she’s that, and I woke up and saw my comments and thought this is ridiculous, but yeah unfortunately there are people out there like that."

Brave Demi added: "I don’t respond to anything, I never respond to trolling on social media, it’s not worth my time and I’m really strong about it anyway.

"But it makes me sad, I’m not lying about this at all, it’s a really serious thing and I don’t want to be going through this."

However, the reality TV star added that she had seen a much more positive side of many fans of Love Island.

She said: "I’ve had the most amazing amount of support, I had more messages when I came out of surgery than I did when I came out of the villa.

"Young girls have been messaging me saying that they’ve chased up appointments. I think out of all of this, if I can just save one person’s life, that’s just amazing to me."

Susanna and Bill were asking Demi about trolling as another Love Island star, Amy Hart, has been speaking out about her own experiences of trolling.

Along with Yewande Biala and Rosie Williams, she spoke at Cambridge Union last week about what it was like to receive hateful messages online.

Amy told the students: “I’ve had really awful comments from people and we’re in lockdown – I’ve got a lot of time on my hands.

“So I’ve set up a Facebook and started searching these people, and they’re all like nurses and stuff. What are you doing? One said I had awful legs.

“I hope she doesn’t go to her patients and say ‘Madam, you’ve got awful legs. We can’t do your blood pressure today because you’ve got bingo wings’.”

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