‘Don’t be patronising!’ Susanna Reid slaps down Insulate Britain activist in fiery row

GMB: Susanna Reid tells protester to ‘stop being patronising’

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With climate protests continuing to put activists and road users at risk, Good Morning Britain’s Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley were joined by Insulate Britain’s Liam Norton and journalist Dawn Neesom to debate the issue. However, as soon as the debate began, things turned tense as ITV presenter Susanna accused Liam of being “patronising”

After watching the scenes from the M25 and protestors taking to the road on Tuesday, Susanna admitted she “didn’t understand” how that helped Insulate Britain’s cause.

When Liam suggested Susanna didn’t understand the reasons behind the need for action of climate change, she hit back insisting she did, but that the protests weren’t going to get people on side.

“If you understood it, you might start to understand that a little bit more,” Liam told her, referring to the M25 scenes.

“Liam, just try not to be so patronising when you’re talking to me,” the GMB host blasted.

GMB: Insulate Britain protester storms off the set

But Liam tried to argue: “It’s not about patronising, it’s the truth.”

Susanna quickly hit back once more: “No it is, your tone is patronising. I’m asking specifically about how you’re helping your cause.

“Because I have to say, and you might not have heard the programme earlier, I’m extremely worried about what is now happening as a result of that protest.”

Liam continued to defend the protests but was then put on the spot when fellow guest Dawn brought up the fact he hadn’t insulated his own home.


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