Dr Sarah Jarvis lashes out at calls for ‘herd immunity’ in fiery Vine row

Masks and social distancing must be brought back says doctor

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Dr Sarah Jarvis has called for a return to mandatory mask-wearing in England, saying that herd immunity is “not an argument for not wearing masks”. It came as coronavirus infection rates in the UK have soared over the past week.

Speaking on Jeremy Vine show, Dawn Neesom said: “The fact that we have more infection in this country. It is going to happen as regulations are relaxed.

“It’s more the hospitalisation and the numbers of people dying.

“And I think the vaccination program is that is so, so important.

“And what is happening to the booster, though we were streaks ahead on this one. What is happening to that?”

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She went on: “We need to get the teenagers vaccinated.

“And I do think that will make a huge difference.

“I mean, we have seen an increase in infections but surely there is something to be said for natural immunity as well.

“I mean, we just don’t talk about that anymore.”


The host chipped in: “That sounds like herd immunity-is that an argument for not wearing masks?”

Dr Sarah Jarvis said: “It’s absolutely not an argument for wearing masks, because the simple fact of the matter is that young people have missed so much of their time off school in the last couple of years.

“They really do not need to miss any more time.

“What we do know is to being vaccinated offers exactly the same level of immunity as, or at least the same level of immunity as having natural infection.

He went on: “And that immunity after natural infection wanes.

“So what we know is it’s not like having the full vaccination where you have four vaccinations in the couple of boosters and you’re immune for life.

“Your immunity against COVID is going to wane whether you’ve had a natural infection, or whether you’ve been immunised.

“So we’re going to be back in the same position.”
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