EastEnders Danny Walters looks worlds away from his character as he shows off washboard abs

Danny Walters has shared pictures of his Greek getaway, and he looked worlds away from his EastEnders character, Keanu Taylor.

Sun-soaked snaps showed Danny posing topless in a swimming pool, showing off his washboard abs. In other pictures the 30 year old actor was cosying up to his girlfriend, Maddi Faircloth.

Danny posted the images to Instagram, where he said: "MAYIA 23’” before adding that it was, "by far, one of the best hotels in the world”

The couple are staying in Rhodes' Mayia Exclusive Resort & Spa, with Danny’s pictures giving an insight into the hotel’s luxuries and stunning views.

Followers took to the comments to gush about the pair and their holiday destination.

James Farrar, who plays Zac Hudson in EastEnders, said: “SO SEXY. You and the hotel.”

Someone else wrote: “Our honeymoon resort!!! One of the best hotels I’ve been to and can’t wait to return one day – enjoy” with clapping hands and a red heart emoji.

A third person said: “Looks like you 2 are having the best time. Cute couple! Enjoy yourself guys!”

There is speculation that Danny's EastEnders character, Keanu, could be killed off at Christmas in the big mystery whodunnit.

Keanu and Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) split earlier this year after she betrayed him by letting Lisa Fowler (Lucy Benjamin) take his daughter, Peggy, back to Spain with her even though he begged her to stay.

When he broke up with Sharon, fans were not happy and took to social media to air their frustrations.

One fan wrote: "So broke, stupid loser Keanu won't marry Sharon. She should count herself lucky #Eastenders."

Another said: Save the tears Sharon you’re too good for him anyway #EastEnders."

A third agreed, adding: "Sharon has given him a business, a home and a lifestyle that means he can be a dad to his son; just because she thought peggy should stay with her mum it doesn’t make her some evil traitor!!! #eastenders."

But in a flashforward scene, which will air at Christmas, Sharon can be seen in a wedding dress, as she and five of Walford’s other ladies stand around a dead man’s body, which suggests that the two reunite to tie the knot in December.

This also means that the character is in the lineup to be a murder victim.

It has also been announced that Keanu’s mum, Karen (Lorraine Stanley) will leave the soap soon, meaning that her son could follow her and leave the Square unharmed.

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