EastEnders death as Whitney Dean killed by Gray as he takes revenge on Kheerat Panesar?

EastEnders: Chelsea and Whitney clash over Gray's 'abuse'

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EastEnders viewers know it is Kheerat Panesar (played by Jaz Deol) who is sending the messages posing as Chantelle (Jessica Plummer). But in Friday’s instalment, Gray Atkins (Toby Alexander Smith) worked out it was Kheerat who was targeting him. Wanting revenge on his supposed friend, will Gray attack Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) and murder her?

Early in the episode, Kheerat surprised Gray with a bottle of whisky explaining he thought he could “use it after everything you’ve gone through”.

Gray was appreciative of the gift but became distracted when Whitney appeared and he blamed her for the threatening messages he’s been receiving.

“It’s you isn’t it? Don’t play innocent with me,” he snapped with Whitney insisting she didn’t know what he was talking about.

Kheerat jumped in: “Come on, leave it. Have you got something to say? I know you’ve got a problem with keeping your mouth shut.”

Gray smirked as he believed Kheerat was looking out for him, while Whitney was unaware of her friend’s plan to rile up the lawyer.

When Whitney later realised Gray had hit Chelsea (Zaraah Abrahams), she went to Kheerat to talk about going to the police.

“I just saw Chelsea, she had a bandage on her hand. She didn’t want to talk about it but I can tell from the look on her face, it’s him,” she told Kheerat in the Queen Vic.

“Kheerat, I didn’t know what to do. I just let her walk away.”

The businessman asked Whitney to sit down, informing her: “Just calm down.”

“I know it’s my fault. You told me not to go to the police. Kheerat I’m telling you, Gray must know I’ve spoken to them,” Whitney continued.

“Yesterday he completely lost it with me about some stupid letter. Why else would he get so angry with me?

“He’s just gone home and he’s done exactly what we are trying to stop and he’s taken it out on Chelsea. I’ve pushed him to it.”

Kheerat replied: “No, it’s not you. It’s my fault.”

When Whitney learned what Kheerat had done, she was furious but they vowed to work together to take him down.

However as they spoke in the Queen Vic, they were watched by Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) who later told Gray she’d seen them together.

Gray was under the impression Kheerat hated Whitney but after hearing from Karen they were getting cosy, he realised he’d been played.

The hot shot lawyer instantly called Kheerat asking to meet up for drinks with an ominous look on his face.

Will Gray confront Kheerat to learn the truth about the messages from “Chantelle” and what will he do to keep him quiet?

While it may be predictable for Gray to try and get rid of Kheerat himself in a showdown, the lawyer could instead choose to taunt him.

Knowing he was playing a game with Whitney, the father-of-three could kidnap the market trader and torture her in front of Kheerat.

Taking his revenge to the next level, Gray could murder Whitney as Kheerat watches on unable to help her.

However, Gray could also choose to kill Whitney and make it look as though his so-called friend was behind her death.

Knowing he has no evidence of Gray’s abuse, he would be unable to prove he is innocent leaving him to take the blame for Whitney’s death.

The Panesar man would be left feeling as though it is his fault Gray is abusing Chelsea and had killed Whitney.

EastEnders continues Monday on BBC One.

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