EastEnders devastation as Whitney receives worrying baby news

EastEnders: Zack smashes a glass

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It seems she might have more to contend with in upcoming EastEnders episodes, too. The pregnant market stall holder has accepted the baby’s dad, Zack Hudson (James Farrar) isn’t interested in becoming a father. What Whitney (Shona McGarty) doesn’t realise is Zack has pushed her away because he has recently been diagnosed with HIV. In scenes yet to air, Whitney gets some frightening news about the baby – will Zack be there to support her?

Despite Zack not wanting to be in the picture, Whitney’s Walford friends have been committed to helping her through the pregnancy.

Felix Baker (Matthew James Morrison) pitches a money-spinning idea for a drag queen night styled by Whitney’s stall to Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth).

Zack is reminded of his financial obligations to Whitney and their baby.

Later, he decides to try to help Whitney without her knowing.

He asks Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) to give Whitney the buggy she needs without revealing he bought it.

Kat can’t understand why Zack won’t be there for the baby but goes through with his request.

At Peggy’s, Zack is worried as to why Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) stayed in Walford.

He begins to panic about the cause of her stress, worried she might have found out she is also HIV positive.

When he tries to probe further, Zack says too much and Sam is suspicious.

She works out the text from the GUM clinic was about Zack, and he tells her about his diagnosis.

Meanwhile, Whitney is panicked when she experiences spotting, and Kat offers to go with her to the hospital to get checked out.

Sam finds Zack to talk about his diagnosis and offers to be there for him.

He admits he’s feeling deep shame and terrified about the stigma surrounding the condition.

Sam is furious when he reveals he’s not picked up his meds and advises him to be honest with Whitney.

At the hospital, Dr Lane tells Whitney that her ultrasound has flagged up a situation with the baby.

Whitney is dazed after the news, but Zack hasn’t returned her calls.

She’s surprised when Kat suggests that she shouldn’t write him off yet, and let’s slip about the buggy.

Later, Kat finds Zack and he tells her he’s going to Whitney’s place straight away.

After he profusely apologises, Whitney reveals the news about the baby.

Zack had recently been terrified the baby might have HIV, but was relieved when Whitney revealed the standard tests came back as normal.

With a new scare over the baby’s health, will Zack finally be honest with Whitney?

EastEnders continues on Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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