EastEnders fans gobsmacked as they spot something very wrong with Kush and Whitney's kiss

EASTENDERS fans were left gobsmacked as they spotted something very odd about Kush and Whitney's kiss.

The drama on Albert Square is heating up and a teaser trailer released on Tuesday night showed what fans will see transpire for the rest of the week.

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The clip showed Whitney and Kush locking lips, to the surprise of many viewers who pointed out the pair were not socially distanced during their smooch.

One Twitter user exclaimed: "WAS THAT THE FIRST NON SOCIALLY DISTANCED KISS?? #EastEnders."

Another fan wrote: "That trailer. Since when are actors allowed to kiss?? I can’t even see my family bro."

This viewer was very excited after watching the trailer, writing: "The latest #EastEnders trailer tonight was fantastic, for once I can’t wait for what’s to come!"

The trailer included scenes between the recently engaged Whitney and Kush, as the latter is set to appear in court.

The stall owner told his fiancé he loved her before grabbing her face and planting a kiss on Whit.

Things soon changed as they were later seen arguing in the street, with Whitney yelling: "They’re paying you to say you did things that you didn’t do!"

"I'm doing it for us," Kush argued, only for Whitney to responded: "By leaving me on my own?"

The trailer also featured the return of Nancy Carter who doesn't look too happy as she enters the Vic for the first time in five years.

While Mick is celebrating daughter Frankie's birthday, Nancy shows up unannounced and says: "Ahh balloons, you shouldn't have", before she is shown looking at Sharon and warned: "I'm going to have to remove that wig and just feed it to you, piece by piece."

The soap has already teased a war coming for Nancy and her new sister Frankie Lewis.

The daughter of Mick Carter and his abuser Katy Lewis moved in with her dad and wife Linda last month.

But with room at a premium, Frankie gets given Nancy's room – and it's set to spark a confrontation.

With Nancy soon to return to Walford after years away, there’s set to be a clash for the sisters.

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