EastEnders fans rumble Avani's 'real identity' after spotting giveaway clue in Priya scene | The Sun

EASTENDERS fans think they have uncovered the real identity of Avani after spotting a clue during the latest episode of the show.

Earlier this year, Ravi Gulati, played by Aaron Thiara, was left stunned at the revelation that he was a father to a secret 14 year old daughter, Avani on the BBC soap.

Her mum, and Ravi's ex, Priya, moved the pair onto Albert Square after she had a hand in looking after their other son, Nugget, when he went missing.

After being kicked out of their flat, Suki offered them a temporary place to stay in order to keep them close for Ravi's sake.

Priya also took a shine to her husband, Nish, and has done her best to keep him on side.

However, the extent of Priya's unsettled life was laid bare during Monday's visit to Walford when it was revealed that Avani had been missing school.

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She had not attended since the start of the Covid pandemic.

It meant that she had missed a total of three years of education since the age of 11.

Priya confessed that she sold her daughter's passport when she was struggling for cash and as such, did not have and ID to enrol her in a school.

Her dad Ravi then swooped in to the rescue and told the family that he had got Avani into Walford High without any documentation.

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Unsure about heading back to school, Avani said: "Every time I make friends, you get kicked out of a flat and I have to start all over again".

Priya seemed encouraging but fans were quick to pick up on a flurry of glances exchanged by the pair.

It has sparked some theory that Avani may not be who she says she is and have no connection to Ravi at all.

Her lack of time in school has also aroused suspicion particualrly as the actress behind Avani, Aaliyah James, is 23 years old.

Commenting on the scenes online, one fan wrote: "All this talk about Avani and her school I have a feeling that Avani might not be Ravi's daughter after all."

Someone else penned:  "Oh well that explains it I suppose…I still feel like there’s more to it and maybe Avani isn’t actually Ravi's daughter".

A third posted: "Avani isn't actually 14, is she… I mean, clearly not, but #EastEnders."

Before a fourth chimed in: "I think Avani is definitely older than they're saying.

"The looks Priya & Avani were giving each other when Nish said they needed to enrol Avani in Walford High. She's definitely not Priya's daughter.

"I think she's her sister or cousin or even just a friend or something."

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