EastEnders fans worry for Bobby Beale after ‘heartbreaking’ Freddie and Anna twist

EastEnders fans are heartbroken for Bobby Beale after Anna Knight and Freddie Slater shared a passionate moment in Wednesday, 30 August's, episode.

Since the Knights arrived in Walford, young Bobby has been smitten with Anna, and just last week, he told her how he felt, and the couple shared a sweet kiss.

However, during tonight's episode, Bobby suffered a blow as he discovered that Cindy Beale was back in town and she would know that he killed her daughter Lucy.

In another blow for Bobby, Cindy is Anna's mum, and while they are not directly related, Cindy is in a relationship with Bobby's dad, Ian and is the mum of Bobby's half-brother, Peter.

Despite his troubles, Bobby still wanted to make sure that Anna was okay after seeing her mum for the first time in nine years.

Bobby headed to Peggy's to find Anna, but she wasn't there, and when she did arrive, she snapped at Bobby, causing him to run off.

His best friend Freddie stepped in to make sure Anna was ok, with the pair then leaving the club together and going to the chip shop, Beale's Plaice.

Alone here, Anna went in for a kiss, and at first, Freddie pushed away thinking of his friend.

However, Anna was quick to reassure him that she and Bobby are just friends and as they shared a passionate kiss, viewers saw the pair fall to the floor behind the counter.

Fans are now fearing for Bobby when he finds out about the betrayal, with some thinking that he could be set for a downward spiral.

One viewer asked: "Is Bobby going to go full psycho on us again?"

Another tweeted: "The episode has me thinking, will Bobby Beale strike again with either killing Ian Beale, Peter Beale or Freddie Slater?"

This viewer wrote: "Can't wait to see Bobby go on a rampage."

"Freddie is next on Bobby’s hitlist," commented one fan of the BBC soap.

Someone else said: "Plot twist – Bobby kills again (this time at Christmas) #EastEnders."

Finally, this person speculated: "Ouu, Bobby gonna kill Freddie too I love it."

However, Bobby might be the last of Anna's worries, as her sister Gina collapsed at the end of tonight's dramatic episode.

Gina had taken drugs after drinking alcohol, and she collapsed on the floor of Peggy's after Anna had left with Freddie.

Her father, George, arrived just as she fell to the ground, and he rushed to get her in the recovery position, while Cindy stood in shock, looking at her daughter.

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