EastEnders horror as Gray Atkins tries to murder his own children by blowing them up so 'they can see mummy'

EASTENDERS viewers are horrified after Gray Atkins tried to murder his children to reunite them with their mother Chantelle.

In a disturbing scene after Gray quit his job in court he went home to his children and asked them to talk about their mum.

But instead of just talking about memories, Gray began to ask if they wanted to see their mum again.

He got them ready for bed but one of the kids came back downstairs – and the full horror of Gray’s plan dawned on viewers.

“Can we really see mummy again?” he was asked. 

“Nan said when someone dies you can’t. She said mummy’s an angel now.”

Gray told them: “All you have to do is go back to bed, go back to bed and fall asleep and when you wake up she’ll be with us.”

He then walked into the kitchen and grabbed a lighter.

Playing with it in his hands he then went and disconnected the boiler’s gas pipes and started to let the house fill up.

However before Gray had a chance to kill his children by blowing up the house, a drunk Shirley Carter began pounding on his door.

She was determined to put him in his place after he scared her daughter-in-law Linda yesterday, but before she had the chance she smelled the gas.

Realising what Gray had planned, Shirley was horrified but she tried to talk him into stopping.

“I did a bad thing,” she said. “I walked out on my dying son. I was in a dark place back then too so I know Gray. 


“When you're not thinking straight, you do stuff that makes your blood run cold when it's over. I have to live with that but you don't so put that down and we'll act like this never happened.”

She then forced him to look at a picture of his kids and he dropped the lighter and broke down.

Viewers were horrified at the scenes.

One wrote: "You can't run away from the truth Gray…….the truth will always come out eventually!"

A second said: "What are you doing Gray!! Your children don't derserve this!"

Another added: "Thank god Shirley came to the rescue – Gray ws going to kill his own kids!"

This one said: "I'm shaking after that!"

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