EastEnders' Shona McGarty: Whitney will always love Callum after jilting him

Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) decided to put herself first on EastEnders when she decided not to go through with marrying Callum Highway (Tony Clay) after finding out he’d had a fling with Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) and was struggling with his sexuality.

After leaving him at the altar, they had a heart to heart at home where Whitney told Callum that they wouldn’t be happy if they still decided to get married.

Callum tried his best to remind Whitney of how much he loved her, and while Whitney said she would always care for him too, it would be better if they parted ways.

But there is no bad blood between them, as star Shona says Whitney will never stop loving her former husband-to-be.

She said: ‘It’s a tricky one, she still loves him no matter what, I don’t think she’s bitter but it’s awkward isn’t it.

‘She’d still do anything for him, but ultimately she’ll love him forever I think.’

And Ben shouldn’t think he’s in the clear yet just because he and Whitney have already had their showdown.

Shona added: ‘She 100% still blames Ben, she’s still really angry at him for ruining everything. She’s completely embarrassed and feels like her entire world has come crashing down.’

The dramatic wedding scenes saw the return of Patsy Palmer as Whitney’s stepmum Bianca Jackson.

It has been a while since she and Shona were on screen together, and when they were reunited it felt just like old times.

The actress said: ‘It was just the best, Patsy’s absolutely brilliant. When she was back on set, I felt 16 again. She’s been away for about 5 years but as soon as she came back it was like she’d never left.

‘Patsy as Bianca is just hilarious, I loved the scene between Whitney, Bianca and Ben outside the registry office, all at each other’s throats, Bianca has some great one liners too – I loved it.’

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