Emmerdale exit as beloved villager left for dead in horror kidnap

Emmerdale fans have grown concerned for Leyla Harding (played by Roxy Shahidi) lately, ever since she spiralled out of control following her split from Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson). This led to Leyla turning back to drugs, which in turn, caused a rift between her ex David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) and their son Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant).

However, in upcoming scenes, things are going to get worse for Leyla when she tries to protect her son yet again.

In official spoilers released by ITV, David and Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) are terrified when Leyla reveals she’s put Jacob in serious danger with Callum (Tom Ashley) after the newcomer threatened him last week.

Jacob’s family are desperately worried for his safety when they can only reach his voicemail.

Leyla breathes a sigh of relief when Jacob bounds into the shop, but later confesses it was her who provoked Callum, and so David takes Jacob to stay with his dad.

Meanwhile, Suzy (Martelle Edinborough) plans to take down Callum by smearing him as a grass to his criminal associates.

Before long, outside Take a Vow, Callum appears and attacks Suzy with a brick, while Leyla is trying to call her oblivious to what is happening.

Suzy’s lifeless body lies unconscious before Mary finds her and urgently calls for an ambulance.

With Suzy unconscious in a hospital bed, Leyla’s guilt grows, and she is left angered when the police tell her Callum has an alibi for the attack.

Leyla’s relieved but fearful when a nurse advises her that Suzy is awake.

From her hospital bed, Suzy is terrified to hear from Leyla that Callum is still at large and fears that he could come back and finish the job.

The pressure on Leyla only increases when she starts receiving threatening messages from Callum.

Later, Caleb (Will Ash) finds Leyla sobbing in the graveyard as she makes the decision to confide in him.

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He advises Leyla to play to win with Callum, and so she decides to arrange a meet with the criminal.

Dicing with danger Leyla meets Callum but things escalate and Leyla ends up being kidnapped by him.

Soon she is bound and gagged as a threatening Callum looms.

Meanwhile, as Suzy arrives home from the hospital, she is annoyed Leyla never showed up to pick her up.

But when she finds out Leyla’s missing and not answering her phone, she and the family are filled with dread.

With the businesswoman missing, could evil Callum end up killing her in a bid to silence Leyla for good?

Or, will Suzy figure out what has happened before it is too late?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV.

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