Emmerdale fans fuming as they beg bosses to scrap boring affair storyline

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Emmerdale fans have slammed a "boring" storyline with some "begging" for it to come to a swift end.

Chas Dingle and Al Chapman are currently embroiled in an affair storyline, which has seen the pair sneak about while enjoying an on and off relationship.

Betraying her husband Paddy for months, Chas has called her affair with Al off countless times – but always seems to get swept back into his arms.

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Viewers though are tiring of the extra-marital affair, with some calling for it to "end".

Taking to Twitter, one fan said: "Chas and this d***head storyline is getting a bit boring #emmerdale."

Another person replied: "Complete pr*** and a right snide, he is. Can't wait for them to get caught. Paddy's kid in the place too," referring to the moment Chas and Al snuck off for a night of passion.

Someone else went on to say: "@emmerdale so fed up of the ridiculous Chas and Al story. End it now."

While a fourth branded the storyline as "stomach-churning" when the said: "Al and Chas affair need to end !! It is stomach churning !! #Emmerdale."

"Getting really fed up with miserable story lines. Chas and Paddy only decent pair and now you have spoilt it," fumed a fifth.

While a sixth added: "Chas is a pain in the neck."

The storyline could come to a head soon, especially since Belle Dingle caught the pair in the act last month.

Belle visited a hotel and was stunned to witness Al and Chas passionately kiss in public.

The next day, Chas and Al were mortified when Belle confronted them, with Chas promising to end things – and although she did at first, things got steamy once again.

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7:30pm on ITV.


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