Emmerdale fans point out Noahs mistake as he breaks rule by opening Vinnys post

Emmerdale fans were quick to point out Noah Dingle's mistake on Tuesday's episode as he broke a major rule by opening Vinny's post in a bid to cause chaos in the village.

Last month, Vinny and Liv Flaherty secretly tied the knot in Daventry without telling any of their family or loved ones following a whirlwind engagement.

During the latest instalment, Samson Dingle asked Noah to hand an item of post to Vinny after it accidentally got delivered to Liam's by mistake.

After studying the envelope, Noah realised it said "Mr & Mrs V. Dingle" as he then opened it to discover the newlywed's marriage certificate.

And to make matters even worse, he then deliberately handed it over to Vinny's mum Mandy Dingle, pointing out the initials on the address.

Mandy was left heartbroken over the news after realising that they had got married secretly without her as she confronted Vinny.

Noah then headed over to confront Liv about the marriage news in front of Chas Dingle, saying that the certificate had come in the post and now Mandy knows.

The episode ended with Mandy distraught as she tearfully claimed: "He didn't ask me to go to his wedding because he doesn't see me as his real mum, does he?"

Viewers were left furious at Noah for causing chaos in the village as they pointed out that opening someone else's mail is a major rule break and that the Dingle family should have confronted him.

Taking to Twitter, one person asked: "#Noah just committed a crime right?! #Mandy #Emmerdale."

A different account put: "Noah needs locking up, shouldn’t open other people’s mail, he couldn’t wait to blab to Mandy…#Emmerdale."

Another viewer wrote: "Noah opening peoples post.. and why didn’t Mandy say “how dare you” and not say “what is it?” #Emmerdale."

A different fan exclaimed: "Opening other peoples mail is actually a crime #Emmerdale."

While another viewer added: "Noah is opening peoples post now #Emmerdale."

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