Emmerdale fans work out feud as Cathy Hope spirals out of control

Emmerdale: Cathy and Bob have a huge row

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The fluctuation in Cathy Hope’s (played by Gabrielle Dowling) hormones have meant she and her father Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) have been clashing and arguing a lot. During Friday night’s Emmerdale she and a few friends were planning on going to a concert but after getting drunk and being rushed to the hospital, she had put her family at ends once again.

Kicking off the episode on Friday night, Cathy and April Windsor (Amelia Flanagan) walked downstairs and exclaimed: “I can’t wait for T’Quila Roxx tonight.”

Bob teased: “Really? We Haven’t heard you mention it!”

Wendy Posner (Susan Cookson) added: “Right, well, best I remember to bring along me earplugs that I bought for your dad’s snoring.

“I’m the chaperone, not a teenybopper. Oh and I’m not working today so we can head off straight after tea.”

Wendy and Bob ran off upstairs, leaving Cathy to reveal her big plan to April: “Suckers! As if we’d be seen dead at T’Quila Roxx with her.

“My new plan is so much better, the boys are going to love it!” before shoving their coats and bags down and skipping off to the concert.

In the cafe, Wendy walked into Brenda Walker (Lesley Dunlop) making a sarcastic comment: “Oh, here she comes. Yorkshire’s oldest teenager.”

Choosing to ignore the comment, Wendy replied: “Cup of tea, please, Brenda.”

However, Brenda continued to taunt Wendy and added: “I was expecting you to be wearing deely boppers and a rara skirt and pretending you knew all the words.”

Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) asked whether they were going to an 80’s fancy dress party.

Wendy replied: “Er, no. I’m going to a gig tonight with Cathy and April,” before he expressed she should count herself lucky to be able to go with them.

Brenda sniped: “Lucky? Cathy think you’re a pushover, that’s why she’s letting you go with her! I’m the one who raised her, ganging up with Bob to undermine me!

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“What if she has one of her meltdowns? You know how I feel about this and if it all goes south, on your head be it.”

Cathy had managed to convince the boys to come to the gig and walked off to get some alcohol for their day out.

Not thinking straight, Cathy decided to stand on the bridge to impress one of the boys she was with but was caught by Bob and Wendy.

April asked how much she had already drunk, to which she exclaimed: “I don’t need any! I’m loving life!” before nearly falling off of the bridge.

Worried about her mental health, Bob decided to take her to the hospital where Brenda stormed in: “How’s Cathy? This is all your doing!

“I warned you this could happen, whipping her up about that concert!” but Wendy interrupted and expressed: “Brenda, she pulled the wool over our eyes too.”

Viewers of the ITV soap commented on the tense atmosphere between Brenda and Wendy and theorised another brewing feud.

@ShakyWoon commented: “Here we go, another Brenda v Wendy! #Emmerdale.”

Ryan Glendenning exclaimed: “Wendy thinking she’s going to a gig with Cathy. Look at Wendy thinking she’s cool. #Emmerdale.”

@DavidPlatters said: “I feel a showdown coming on between Brenda and Wendy… Cathy is pushing them all to new levels.”

Bradley Hanran added: “Well… Brenda did warn her. She’s not impressed and I think it’ll explode soon.”

@tashamash87 theorised: “FIGHT! Cathy will soon see what she is doing to her family, Brenda and Wendy are clashing bad.” (sic)

Emmerdale airs weekdays from 7:30pm on ITV.

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