Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ the reason Cain and Caleb are leaving the village

Emmerdale fans think they have worked out why Cain Dingle and Caleb Milligan are leaving the village on a mystery road trip.

In recent episodes, viewers have watched as Cain came up with a last minuet plan to leave Emmerdale for a period of time after receiving a mysterious text.

Things got even more strange when Cain received a phone call from the person, and then he pushed ahead with the break on Tuesday, 12 September.

However, in another twist, he asked Caleb to come up with an excuse for the last minute trip, to tell their sister Chas Dingle and Cain's wife Moira Dingle, without them questioning what is going on.

In Wednesday, 13 September's episode, viewers watched as the pair set off for the trip despite Moira begging them not to go.

Moira was left seething at the departure, but fans think they know why the brothers have gone.

One person tweeted to say: "Is Cain's road trip about Aaron or Debbie, sort them out of trouble?"

Another account tweeted: "Maybe Cain and Caleb are going up to Scotland so he gets to meet Debbie #Emmerdale."

While another said: "Cain gonna start nicking flash cars again with Caleb like he did with charity #emmerdale."

Someone else added: "Cain and Caleb’s mystery trip? I’m betting it’s something to do with Faith/their childhood. They hinted at it when they started to get along again – they bonded over Faith #Emmerdale."

Finally, this viewer added: "Cain and Caleb working together, never thought I’d see that. #Emmerdale…"

Elsewhere in the village tonight, there was relief all around for Cathy Hope and her loved ones as she was officially diagnosed with PMDD.

Cathy's dad, Bob Hope, is sympathetic about his daughter's condition, but Cathy is disappointed and desperate when her treatment is to manage her symptoms instead of an outright cure.

When they are back at the B&B, Cathy is upset and volatile, and as a result, she blindsides Bob by defiantly insisting she wants to find a cure to stop her PMDD symptoms.

As the week continues, Bob alongside Wendy Posner and Brenda Walker, tries to help Cathy, but she is determined to find a cure for her condition.

However, things take a turn when Wendy tries to help Cathy, she is pushed to the ground by the teenager.

When Bob tries to help, he feels a slight twinge in his chest just weeks after his heart attack.

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