Emmerdale lines up devastating character exit amid dead baby grief

Over the past week on Emmerdale, viewers were left shaken when the remains of a dead baby were found at the local school.

It was later revealed that the mother of the tot was Lydia Hart (Karen Blick) many years ago, when she was known as Jenny.

Last night, Lydia broke down to partner Sam Dingle (James Hooten) about her difficult past and explained everything to him.

And next week, she announces plans to leave the village, though Sam isn’t keen on letting her.

The troubled cleaner steps outside for some air and secretly orders a taxi to come and collect her.

When Sam realises, he rushes after her and stands in front of the cab.

But when he becomes distracted, the taxi driver pulls away.

Soon, the car pulls up close to where the baby’s remains were found, but Lydia changes the destination.

She asks the driver to take her directly to the train station instead, where Sam is waiting for her.

Sam offers to go to the burial site with her and says she can leave Emmerdale if she doesn’t find the visit helpful.

One there, Lydia finally allows her grief to surface and breaks down after all those years.

But where will they go after there, and if they leave will it be for good?

Or will Lydia be able to forgive herself for what happened to her when she was just 15?

Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm on ITV.

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