Emmerdale spoilers: Al Chapman confronts Amelia Spencer over stealing his credit card

AL Chapman confronts Amelia Spencer over stealing his credit card next week in Emmerdale.

Amelia pocketed Al’s card to pay her dad Dan’s bills recently in the ITV soap after an allergic reaction left him partially paralysed and unable to work.

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When Sarah suggested they went on a shopping spree and showed her Al’s credit card, which she'd stolen, Amelia initially refused the offer.

But when Sarah left the card on a bench, Amelia couldn’t help pocketing it to pay off Dan’s debts.

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Dan head out for work again despite not being fit to do the job as his financial woes continue to worsen.

Amelia grows worried when Dan tells her he’ll have to wait to ask Cain to pay him.

Later, Amelia tries and fails to sell the stolen handbag to Nicola. 

And disaster strikes when Al spots her trying to sell the bag and notices that it’s the same type that was fraudulently charged to his credit card. 

Amelia is shocked out of her skin when Al accuses her of stealing from him, and rushes off. 

But Al is convinced she’s the culprit and makes a sinister call to find out the truth. 

Later, when Amelia confides in Sarah about what happened with Al, she begs her to keep quiet and deny all involvement.

Wil Al find out the truth and make things worse for Amelia and Dan?

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