Emmerdale spoilers: Arthur Thomas’ bullying rumbled as Nicola King finds out the truth?

EMMERDALE’S resident sinister bully Arthur Thomas (played by Alfie Clarke) is set to be rumbled after weeks spent tormenting Archie Breckle (Kai Assi) pushing him to breaking point resulting in Archie slapping Angelica King (Rebecca Brakes) after the two make fun of the boy. But when Jimmy King (Nick Miles) puts hands on Archie to get him away, Jai Sharma  (Chris Bisson) issues him with a stark warning.

Earlier this year Archie turned up on Jai’s doorstep after his mother tragically died. 

At first, Laurel’s son Arthur was more than happy to make the grieving boy feel welcome, but it quickly turned sinister.

Now after months of abuse and unexplained cuts and bruises, Arthur could be exposed after Archie fights back and attacks Angelica.

Jai and Jimmy are forced to get involved and pull them apart but Jai is set to issue a stark warning to Jimmy.

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Last month, Arthur lashed out and Archie sustained a cut to the head.

But when he was questioned Arthur panicked and blamed Jimmy for the attack sending Jai into a rage. 

Jimmy was shocked to hear the random allegation and denied it but the damage had been done. 

In upcoming episodes, Archie will slap Jimmy’s daughter Angelica, but when Jimmy tears Archie away, Jai is furious and will tell him that it is nowhere near over between them. 


Not only this, later this week Arthur will be informed Archie and Jai will be spending Christmas with them. 

In a first-look video, Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) breaks the news and a distressed Arthur says: “I wanted it to be family.”

But Laurel won’t be changing her mind anytime soon, enraging her bullying son. 

This could be the perfect time for Arthur to take some revenge, but will Archie expose him first?

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But what will this mean for Nicola and Jimmy’s relationship when she finds out not just of the accusations but then the additional threat from Jai. 

Laurel is also worried what this accustion is going to do to her relationship with Nicola, who will she believe? 

But things are about to get worse for Jimmy as he is escorted off to the police station. 

A scared Arthur will tell Archie he would be better off if he just left the village.


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Laurel and Jay are horrified when they wake the next morning and Archie is gone. 

After searching for hours, Archie still can’t be found and to make things worse Laurel will get a phone call saying Arthur is also missing. 

Jimmy is about to be given a serious line of questioning into the abuse of Archie, forcing his wife to decide if she can stand by his side.

Will she be able to forgive him if this is true or does she know her husband well enough to know this is a pack of lies? 

And will Arthur be forced to come cleand admit that he is the one tormenting Archie? 

Emmerdales continues on ITV at 7pm. 

Emmerdales continues on ITV at 7pm.

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