Emmerdale spoilers: Debbie Dingle and Priya team up with Kim to destroy Al Chapman

Emmerdale: Debbie and Priya console each other over Al

Emmerdale fans have seen Priya Sharma (played by Fiona Wade) struggle to keep her composure and pretend like everything is normal with Al Champman (Michael Wildman) after she found out he was having an affair with Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb). In recent scenes, the two women made a pact to take down the businessman and steal all of his money in a bitter act of revenge. But the mother of one has finally realised how hard it is to lead a double life – unlike her fiancé. Express.co.uk spoke to the actors involved in the storyline and it seems they could enlist the help of Kim Tate (Claire King) to destroy Al once and for all. 

Fans of the soap saw Debbie convince Priya to steal Al’s passwords and next week, she will get to work transferring all of his money. 

While she doesn’t feel guilty, Priya is left fighting the urge to unleash her anger on an unsuspecting Al. 

Debbie then gets to work putting her part of the plan into motion and surprises Al later that day with the suggestion they get married. 

He agrees, only to realise it was a trap when Priya steps out of her hiding place to confront him. 

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Desperate to squirm his way out of the situation, Al tries to make excuses but the ladies don’t want to hear them. 

It isn’t long until Al realises he has been seen up by Priya and Debbie and things turn from bad to worse when he returns to the Hop Office. 

It’s Kim’s turn to have a go at Al and she accuses him of taking thousands of pounds from the company bank account. 

But is this a pretence for the Home Farm owner? 

Perhaps she part of Priya and Debbie’s plan and the three of them are getting revenge on Al…

Meanwhile, Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) is worried about the impact Al’s behaviour is having on Ellis Chapman (Aaron Anthony). 

The Woolpack check urges Al to fight for his son, trying to convince him all is not lost despite his mistakes. 

But Marlon is left conflicted when Debbie takes him to one side and tells him to stick by her as she tries to get Al to leave the village for good. 

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To add to this, Express.co.uk spoke to the actress who plays Debbie about her character’s plan. 

When asked whether Debbie was a woman not to be messed with, Charlie said: “I think so, it’s quite little in terms of how many people know about Al/Priya/Debbie triangle straight away.

“Obviously she is the kind of character that does something quietly initially. 

“It starts off small, but with a long ripple effect, where everybody will know about it. Her revenge will be quite quiet,” she added

As for whether Debbie is happy to be back in the village, Charley said: “She’s definitely happy to be back but it lasts literally about one episode I think!” 

The actress is, of course, referring to the drama her daughter, Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) has been causing. 

The tearaway teenager got mixed up with Danny once more and had a slap on the wrist from the police for doing so. 

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV.

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