Emmerdale spoilers: Pregnant Victoria Sugden rushed to hospital after rapist Lee returns to the village

VICTORIA Sugden will have a scare over her unborn baby in Emmerdale next week when she’s rushed to hospital after experiencing stomach pains.

The panic comes after the pregnant chef – who’s played by Isabel Hodgins in the ITV soap – tells her brother Robert and his husband Aaron Dingle that she and step-mum Diane will be leaving the village sooner than expected.

Robert – departing star Ryan Hawley – doesn’t take the news very well, but when Victoria starts having stomach pains and becomes convinced she’s losing the baby, he doesn’t leave her side.

At hospital, Victoria has a scan and she’s amazed to see Robert get teary eyed when he sees his little niece or nephew for the first time.

She’s relieved to see Robert finally acknowledge the baby as part of the family.

But Victoria’s joy is short-lived.

Later, at home, she’s floored by rapist Lee Posner – who is the father of her unborn child – suddenly demanding compensation plus a full public apology from her.

It’s clear that he means business too. Diane and Robert are in turmoil about what to do while a furious Victoria says she will never apologise to him.

But Diane tries to convince Victoria that paying Lee off is the best option and that he’ll leave her and the baby alone when he gets his money.

Will Victoria see Diane’s point of view and manage to get Lee out of her life once and for all?

Emmerdale fans know that evil Lee brutally raped Victoria earlier this year in shocking pre-watershed scenes.

He manipulated his way into her home after walking her back after a night out in nearby Hotten. While he initially seemed like a nice guy, it wasn’t long before Lee’s mask slipped, leaving Victoria feeling uneasy around him.

Her feelings were right as he soon followed her into her bedroom where he pushed her face down on her bed. The door slammed shut and viewers could hear Victoria screaming in terror.

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