Emmerdale star hints Manpreet will be surprise Christmas death as Meena’s caught

Emmerdale's Rebecca Sarker spoke to Lorraine presenter Andi Peters during Wednesday's show as she spoke about the danger her character Manpreet Sharma is in.

As she teased Manpreet will finally realise everything her sister Meena has done, she told Andi: "I can exclusively reveal that Manpreet is definitely in danger because she just gets too close to the truth."

As she said that, a picture of Manpreet being tied to a bed as Meena menacingly looks over her while spattered with blood was shown on screens.

A panicking Andi replied: "Is she alright?"

Rebecca responded: "No she's not alright. Meena makes Kathy Bates in Misery look like Florence Nightingale.

She added: "It's a disaster for Manpreet", as she revealed she had filmed the hostage scenes for weeks, hinting Manpreet's trauma will not be over quickly.

The actress also hinted that Manpreet will be the one to finally work out that Meena has killed four people, but it will be a struggle for her to accept it.

She said about Meena: "She's so evil, she's really a piece of work.

"Manpreet really needs to get away from her, it's very scary."

Rebecca added: "Manpreet knows her sister is a pathological liar, she has betrayed her so many times, she completely blew her chance at a relationship with Charles wide open.

"She knows her sister is capable of lying and betrayal and being a piece of work but doesn't know she is capable of murder.

"Manpreet would be horrified for it to go there."

Is Manpreet going to be killed off as she finally discovers the truth about her killer sister?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV.

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