Ex On The Beach star rushed to hospital and shares A&E pic after 'heart palpitations' | The Sun

AN EX On The Beach favourite has been rushed to hospital after suffering "heart palpitations."

The MTV star is now undergoing a series of tests while remaining in the medical ward.

Jess Impiazzi, 34, who suffers from Lupus, took to her Instagram Stories to share a snap showing her hand with a plaster on top.

In her caption, she wrote: "OK little update and thanks for anyone messaging me.

"I've had X-Rays on my lungs and bloods done and had ECG because of my heart palpitations, now waiting in hospital.

"Thank you to the Lupus community you are amazing."

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I feared I was dying after incurable condition diagnosis, says Jess Impiazzi


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Back in September, Jess broke down as she told her partner she feared she was "dying."

For months her hair had been falling out, she had developed a strange rash and, on one terrifying occasion, she coughed up blood.

The terrified model sobbed to ex-footballer Jermaine Pennant and confessed: “I think I might be dying.”

She told the Sun on Sunday: “My body was just completely failing me and I couldn’t get any answers.

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“I was tired all the time, aching all over and then this angry rash appeared on my chest and face.

“One day I started coughing up blood, which was incredibly scary. I thought it was stomach cancer.

“Then I started panicking that it was multiple autoimmune.

“We looked it up and the life expectancy was six years. We both sat there and I burst out crying. ­Jermaine also got really upset.”

Finally, in July, Jess was told she was suffering from lupus, a serious but less dangerous autoimmune condition, in which the body’s immune system attacks its own tissue and organs.

According to Lupus UK, around 50,000 people in the UK have the condition and around 90 per cent of sufferers are women.

Jess’s crippling symptoms started in January, one month after she had her breast implants replaced when one of them ruptured.

What is Lupus?

JESS IMPIAZZI was diagnosed with Lupus in July – yet what is it?

Lupus is an incurable and usually "life long" immune system illness which is mainly suffered by women and can affect any part of the body, including skin, joints and organs.

The condition causes the immune system to produce too many antibodies which can sometimes attack healthy tissue and result in inflammation, pain and damage.

It's difficult to know exactly how many people suffer but women and people of African-Caribbean, Chinese and Asian descent are more likely to develop the condition than white people.

Lupus is difficult to diagnose because the symptoms can vary from person to person and the condition usually develops slowly over time.

However, women between usually notice symptoms and are diagnosed with the condition between the ages of 15 and 45.

The three main symptoms of the disease are fatigue, joint pain and swelling and rashes on the wrists, hands and face.

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