Ex On The Beach's Laura Brown unrecognisable after spending £80k on surgery 'addiction'

FORMER Ex On The Beach star Laura Brown is unrecognisable after spending £80k on surgery “addiction”. 

The reality TV star openly admits that she is on a quest for perfection and reveals she has gone under the knife more than 20 times in the past three years. 

The 31-year-old only recently returned from Turkey with best pal and fellow surgery fan Chloe Ferry, where they both underwent rhinoplasty. 

Laura’s unhappiness with her appearance began after her stint on the hit MTV show ‘Ex On The Beach’, four years ago.

Speaking to Closer magazine about her addiction, Laura revealed that when she first went on the show she thought she was happy with how she looked. 

However, after taking part Laura was viciously trolled online for her looks and figure and she began researching cosmetic procedures to change her appearance. 

Fast forward four years and the star has spent an eye-watering £80k on six Brazilian bum lifts, five full-body liposuction procedures, three boob jobs, two nose jobs and one breast uplift.

In addition to that, Laura has also had regular lipo top-ups on individual areas and her whole face reconstructed using fillers.

She told the magazine: “I'm obsessed with how I look, and addicted to trying to improve my appearance. As soon as I have something done, I'm always thinking about what's next.

“I'm always wanting the latest procedure, and if I put on any weight, I get lipo. I know it's not normal, but I can't help it.

“I want to speak out and stop people from getting to the point I got to.”

After being horrifically trolled over the way she looked, Laura turned to plastic surgeons for help.  

And despite her mum begging her not to go to Turkey for the surgeries, she went anyway.

“I literally begged the surgeons to give me a makeover,” she said. 

After receiving a Brazilian butt lift, boob job, and liposuction, not long after Laura returned to Turkey for another round of surgeries, admitting that the results of the last one left her on a high.

The reality star said: “There have been fewer comments about my appearance and I feel confident with how I look – but I'd be a liar if I said I was 100% happy."

And despite lockdown, Laura has already been to Turkey twice this year – once in July to get a fox eye treatment, and again with pal Chloe for the nose job.

The fox eye procedure is the latest trend to take the cosmetic market by storm. It changes the entire shape of the eye as the outer corners are lifted for a dramatic cat-eye look.

Worryingly, it seems as though Laura isn't content yet with how she looks and is planning a trip to Dubai in the near future to get filler put in her bum.

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