Five huge Coronation Street spoilers for next week including Hope Stape’s comeuppance

TYRONE tells the police that his daughter Hope Stape was the culprit who started the fire that nearly killed Alina next week. 

Here’s the lowdown on next week from the cobbles…

1. Fiz tries to take the fall

Fiz spends the night in a police cell and sticks to her story that she’s responsible for the fire next week. 

Evelyn urges Tyrone to make Fiz see sense and get Hope the professional help she needs. 

Alina is also sceptical about letting Hope walk free and worries she could end up harming someone else. 

Tyrone eventually buckles under the pressure and tells the police that Hope started the fire. 

2. Hope Stape is charged

Fiz is distraught when she isn’t charged and shocked when the police tell Fiz they know that Hope started the fire.

After Fiz and Tyrone bring Hope to the police station, the youngster explains that she did set light to the cot but insists she never meant to harm anyone.

Hope’s solicitor reveals she will be charged after admitting to starting the fire, and Fiz and Tyrone are stunned to hear that she could face trial.

3. Tyrone gets engaged

Alina drowns her sorrows at the pub and, when she spots Tyrone and Fiz getting chips, she fears the worst. 

Alina tells Tyrone she feels neglected and he apologises for the way things have turned out, telling her he always imagined they’d get married and raise a family.

Alina agrees to try again and get married and Tyrone’s heart sinks as he realises he’s accidentally proposed.

4. Sally jeopardises Tim’s business

Sally complains to Shona about the increase in hectic parking on the cobbles, raging about her recent parking ticket.

Aggie offers to help Sally with her parking campaign to enforce new measures, but she soon regrets it when Sally dumps a huge pile of paperwork in front of her.

Sally wastes little time and arranges a meeting with the council about the parking problem, before knocking on doors in pursuit of signatures in favour of resident permits for the street. 

Tracy and Alya burst her bubble when they express concern that resident permits could be detrimental for their businesses if customers can’t park nearby. 

They also point out that Sally’s permit plan could be disastrous for Street Cars, where her husband Tim works. 

Will Sally jeopardize her marriage?

5. Jenny exposes Daisy 

​​Alya is smug when she notices that Daisy has ditched Ryan and set her sights on Daniel instead next week. 

Jenny takes pity on Ryan’s ex Alya and tells her that Ryan didn’t exactly cheat on her, leaving Alya intrigued.

Viewers will remember that Daisy plied Ryan with alcohol and lured him into her bed in recent scenes, before telling Alya he’d spent the evening with her.

Will Jenny drop Daisy in it?

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