Florence Pugh Applauded for Her Dont Worry Darling Performance

Screenwriter Katie Silberman says the Olivia Wilde-directed movie is unlike anything seen before and the leading lady is made for the role of Alice in the film.

AceShowbizFlorence Pugh has earned praise for being “so vibrant” and “charming” as she takes on the role of Alice in “Don’t Worry Darling“. Sharing screen with Harry Styles – the boyfriend of director Olivia Wilde, the 26-year-old actress play a seemingly happy housewife who becomes curious about the mysterious company her husband Jack Chambers is working for.

The “Little Women” star was dubbed the perfect match for the character by the flick’s writer, Katie Silberman. “We knew that the whole movie lived and died on us caring about, and loving, Alice,” she told SFX magazine.

“So we were beyond lucky to have Florence in that role, because she’s so vibrant. She’s just so charming and lovely and vivacious, but also really smart and really tough and brave.”

The scribe added, “We knew the role was going to require all those things, which is hard to find in one person, and she has them. The performance she gives is beyond a writer’s wildest dreams.”

She also spoke highly of Chris Pine who also slotted right into his role of Frank.

Katie says the movie – which hits cinemas on September 23 – is unlike anything seen before. She said, “I think it’s thrilling and sexy and beautiful. I’m excited for people to see it and be able to have those conversations afterwards. And to see something I don’t think they’ve ever seen before.”

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